Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apologies and Hairstyles

First off, I must apologize for my lack of consistent posting. I have been uber busy around here. Let me give you the deets. I am a crocheter and a knitter. So, every year around this time I find myself procastinating on projects until about the end of November. By this time, its crunch time. So, I find myself knitting and crocheting whenever I have any free time. And I haven't been having much free time. You know how it goes in December. Christmas parties, Christmas activities, Christmas programs, etcetera, etcetera. Therefore, I haven't been doing much to my hair...

I wore the previous cornrow style for about 1 1/2 weeks. Then, I started hating how old and dirty it was getting. So, I made plans to take down my hair and do it on Saturday. Needless, to say Saturday was busy also! Shopping, Dinner outing, shopping. So, when I got home it was about time for me to hit the sack. But, I took the time out to take down my style, finger detangle, and put in some chunky braids. The next day I wore my hair in a high bun with a swoop. Again, I made plans to wash my hair but, that night was busy, and so was the next, and so was the next...

Because I hated wearing my hair out for those 3 days--especially in that style because it was tangle city--I decided to do a quick protective style until I actually had time to dedicate a full day to my hair.

Below are the pics of my high bun style (inspired by the oh-so-lovely MeechyMonroe) and my cornrow/twist protective styles:

The High Bun
Cornrow/Twist Style


  1. Hey...Just to say that I admire girls like you that dont spoil the beatifull hair we have, maybe one day i will get to that stage as well:)keep it up and congratulation for the beatifull blog and keep the sharing. Beijos form Angola.

  2. I just love the high bun look and the twisted sidesweep.