Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hairstyle: Two Strand Flat Twists + Two Strand Flat Twists Updo

So, this past Friday I detangled my hair, shampooed it, deep conditioned it, and then styled it. I have really been feeling two-strand flat twist hairstyles so, I decided to try out a hairstyle. This was my first time doing two strand flat twists on my own head. I had plans to do a video tutorial of this style but, my memory ran out on my camera. But, no worries I will definitely be revisiting this hairstyle and will record it then:-)

Here's what I did:
1. I twisted the hair on wet hair. For my leave in I applied EVOO because I wanted my hair to be full. (conditioners tend to leave the hair with less volume).
2. I continued to wet the hair with my spray bottle while doing the styling to ensure that it stayed wet.
3. I parted my hair horizontally in the middle.
4. I then two-strand flat twisted the front (it did not come out as defined as I would have liked but, I'm still practicing on this)
5. At the end of each two-strand flat twist I twisted the hair.
6. I then individually twisted the back section of my hair.
7. After the style was complete, I applied EVOO throughout my hair and essential oils to my scalp.

On Friday through Tuesday, I wore the twists down, which I really liked! And on Wednesday and Thursday, I have been wearing the twists in an updo. I received quite a few compliments on both versions.

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