Friday, January 21, 2011

Hairstyle: Cornrow & Individual Braid Updo

So, I must admit that I am really feeling this hairstyle. I have always been a fan of cornrows and I just think they fit my face. Since my hair has grown back in the problem area, I have been able to start rocking them again:-)

Here's what I did:
1. I took down the past set of cornrows/individual braids.
2. I then detangled my hair and proceeded to re-braid my hair.
3. I first did the back section in individual braids.
4. Then, I cornrowed the front section into 10 braids.
5. The next day, I pinned the hair up into the desired direction.

To maintain this style:
1. I oil my scalp with my essential oils.
2. I oil the hair with EVOO
3. I usually keep the hair pinned up but, I have taken it down to fully oil my hair. Then, I would pin it back up.
4. I cover the front (cornrowed section) with a scarf.
5. I then put a satin bonnet over the entire hairstyle for the night.

I did record of video of braiding the hair but, it does not show how I pinned it up. You can check it out HERE.

Yeah...I can be silly:-)


  1. Updo's look good on you for real.
    How do you get the cornrows to look so good?
    Does it hurt when you cornrow your hair?

  2. Too Cute Ms. Cee C!! Please keep the protective style inspiration coming girl!!!:D

  3. @Emme - Thank you. I just simply cornrow the hair but, I make sure I am not rushing it and get each strand by strand. And it doesn't hurt when I cornrow. I just can't fathom braiding my hair that tight. (My sister Joy will pull your brains out when she cornrows which is why I don't let her do mine. LOL)

    @Qzan - Thank you. And I will do:-)