Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Can't Believe I Wore My Hair Like This

Do you ever think back or look at old pictures of yourself and think "I can't believe I wore that?" Well, I was thinking of some of the many hairstyles I have worn over my lifetime and so, I went to old photos of me on facebook to see what styles I used to rock. Check them out...

HOOK-ON BUNS - I used to own about five of these buns in different designs and different sizes. I wore them religiously. We even wore them in my probate show:-) However, I have been embarrassed a many times by having these things fall off. I started to get hip and secured them with bobby pins. I don't see myself wearing these agains. And what's crazy is I still have one at my house.

HOOK-ON PONYTAILS - So, I found this pic of me and my LS's at a social. I remember getting ready for this night and I do believe that was a new ponytail I was rocking. I had these hook on ponytails in different lengths and different styles. I even had an afro puff one that I rocked briefly. I just knew I was the stuff whenever I attached these to my head. I especially liked the long and straight ones. I really don't know what the appeal was.

THE GEL AND SWIRL - Now this was the hairstyle that made me feel so fierce. I usually rocked it right after I had a fresh perm. I would part the hair, apply my black gel, and swirl the hair. I must admit this style received quite a few compliments and I even put this hairstyle in friends' hair. However, this style was so HARD. The gel in addition to the spritz was just crazy! My hair was hard, stiff, dry, and itchy. You can see that I would usually hook-on a bun or ponytail with this style. The bun in this pic was a HUGE one, kind of like a dome. lol

RUBBER BAND TWISTS - This style is just unfathomable to me! I am blessed to still have edges!! I started rocking this hairstyle in high school and wore it in college quite a few times. I usually wore this style when it was time for me to get a re-touch of my relaxer. I would part the hair in little sections and connect these sections with rubber bands. Its kind of hard to explain but, I hope the pictures give you an idea. My first college roomate loved this style and had my put it in her hair on a number of occasions. I definitely won't ever be rocking this.

MICRO BRAIDS - I used to get micro braids religiously. My sisters and my mom would travel about an hour to go to Phenix City, AL to this African shop and have them put in for $180. The thing about micro braids are they are cute initially but, the edges start to get stressed and white bulbs would appear or bumps. Also, they were the biggest pain to take out. If I want a version of micros now, I would just put some mini braids in my hair.

FALL WIGS - I had a number of fall wigs. They are really 1/2 wigs that you put in 1/2 of your head with combs and/or drawstring. For some reason, I liked the idea of only flat ironing the front section of my hair and then putting the wig on the back. Weird.

Well, that's all the past pics I could find. I've actually worn way more hairstyles than this but, I couldn't find them all.


  1. wow! Thanks for sharing sis! I totally think you look gorgeous with your natural hair alone, nothing else! I also have looked back to some of my old pictures and while I had to admit some styles were okay others terrified me! lol!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Lol! Super cool post!! Takes me back back in the day when I'd plaster my bangs to my forehead with clear gel in a sleek "swoop"! It was all the rage for Aaliyah fans in 8th grade. Thanks for sharing :)!! Wouldn't an old styles hair party be hilarious!?

  3. @Qzan - IKR! That would be a blast.

  4. I guess I'm a bad girl. I thought they were all too cute! Maybe I just think your hair is cute no matter the texture or style? I look like I have no standards.

  5. LOL! @ arielifeoma. Thank you nonetheless:-)

  6. I think your old styles look lovely.
    your natural hair is also beautiful.