Thursday, September 30, 2010

The HIstory of Our Hair: Black Woman late 1800s

So, while browsing the Web I came across this picture of a Black woman from the late 1800s. It is interesting to see how the women from the past wore their natural tresses.

I noticed that this unknown woman wore her hair in some sort of popadour updo and accesorized the look with a fancy hat. She looks simply elegant. I am not sure about the history of this photo or the woman in the photo. However, she does look affluent.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Naturals In Advertisement: Mizani

Mizani is a company that offer a wide range of hair products for African-American women. In my relaxed days, I used to go to the salon to get my relaxer every 6 weeks and I would get a Mizani relaxer. However, I must admit that I no longer use any of their hair products.

Yet, I was curious about their hair ads. I wanted to see if they had any type of naturals in their advertisements or if the models mainly rocked straight styles. I found this advertisement of this beautiful lady wearing a natural look. I don't know of this is all her natural hair but, I can appreciate the implementation of natural hair. It shows that they have an appreciation for its beauty.


It is known in the natural community that most commercials shampoos can be damaging to our natural tresses. For this reason, the phenonomenon of co-washing became the norm for natural hair--and even for some relaxed hair. I am a big fan of co-washing. When I first heard about it while transitioning I immediately began this practice. I even co-washed the entire time that I transitioned. However, can we shampoo natural hair??

Absolutely. In my opinion shampooing should be a part of your hair regimen. I shampoo once a month to ensure that I do not have any build-up or a nasty scalp. Teri LaFlesh said it best, shampooing should be for the scalp and co-washing should be for the hair. However, if you used products that created buid-up in the hair, it is best to use the shampoo on the hair also. Trust me, it's fine.

Yet, it is important that we choose the best shampoo for our hair. By now, many naturals know that shampoos that contain sulfates are NOT good for our hair. Sulfates will dry out the hair and lead to breakage. There are a number of great shampoos on the market that do not contain sulfates and that are great for natural hair. Of course, they will cost more than your typical commercial shampoos, however; you can not forsake quality when it comes to your hair.

My favorite shampoo--and only shampoo--is the Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo. I buy this shampoo from my local Target. Other shampoos I have heard great things about in the natural community are Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Shampoo, Giovanni 50/50 shampoo, Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat, and Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle. I hope to one day buy the listed Giovanni shampoos and the Aubrey Organics shampoo.

I judge a great shampoo by how much lather it has also. When I used to use those typical shampoos the lather would be out of this world! However, with my sulfate free shampoo there is not any major lather. You mainly see a few suds but, not any completly white frothy foam.

So, make sure you have a GREAT shampoo and add it to your hair regimen. Are there any other great shampoos that you know of out there for natural hair? If so, where can it be found?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Straight or Natural: Jill Scott

Ok. So, Jill Scott has been an inspiration for many naturals with the various and beautiful styles she wore with her natural hair. About a month ago, it was revealed on BlackGirlLongHair that Jill Scott was rocking a short straight style. I am not sure if the hair is relaxed on straightened. I just know that she never rocked a straight style before.

Therefore, I figured that Jill Scott would be great for the "Straight or Natural" segment. Of course, I liked her with the natural hair. It brought out the beauty of her face and gorgeous smile.

Weigh in.

Hairstyle: All Braided Up

So, this past Saturday I re-braided my hair. I did not wash it but, I did detangle it by spraying my hair generously with my spray bottle. Instead of having the pompadour this time, I just decided to braid it all up. This is a really easy style. I really like that all I have to do is tie my hair down for the night and take the scarf off in the morning and I'm done.

Here's what I did:
1. Divided hair into four sections.
2. Sprayed each section generously with water from the spray bottle.
3. Detangled wet hair.
4. Applied Cantu Leave-In Conditioner to each section (leave-in conditioners work great for braided styles)
5. Cornrowed the front two sections.
5. Cornrowed the last two section and pulled the tail ends from the front sections into the back cornrowed sections.
6. Bobby pinned the tail ends from the back sections by criss-crossing them over each other.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Staple Product: Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

So, I have had the Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner since I first became natural. I really didn't know how I felt about the leave-in, which is why I have been hesitant to review it. However, this past weekend I used it again and I realize that I do like this product. My initial hesitant feelings was mainly due to the frothy white residue that is on the hair after you apply the leave-in. I guess I was used to leave-ins that don't leave any type of residue. Yet, what's amazing about this residue is that is soaks into the hair and eventually disappears. So, here's my thoughts on this leave-in conditioner...

1. This product has great ingredients.
2. This product promotes moisture in the hair, which is always good.
3. There is not an overpowering scent to this product.
4. This product soaks into each strand of the hair once applied.
5. This product does not leave a build-up.
6. This product gives control to the hair but, it keeps the hair soft.

1. There is a white frothy residue on the hair but, it eventually leaves.
2. The price may be considered too high--considering that you can get these same results with some cheapie conditioners.

Aqua (Purifed) Water, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Oil, Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Oil, Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) Oil, Birch (Butela Alba) Leaf Oil, Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis Flower) Oil, Clary (Salvia Sclarea), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago Fargara), Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) Oil, Mallow (Malya Sylvestris), Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) Oil, Soybean Protein (Glycine Soja), Cetyl Alcohol (Plant Derived), Tocopherol (*Vitamin E), Trace Minerals, Citric Acid (Corn), Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Grapefruit Seed (Citrus Derived)

Overall, I am pleased with this product. Will I be buying it again? Most likely. I am loyal to the Giovanni line of products. They have some great products. So, I know that when I go to my local Target to restock on my Giovanni I will be repurchasing this product. Also, I think its good to spoil yourself sometimes.

There will be more reviews of the Giovanni line coming in the future...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 Random Things

So, I was on my sister's, Auset, blog and she did a post about 50 random things about herself. She did this so her readers may gain more of an understanding of her. I loved this idea so, I am stealing it. I was just wondering what I was going to blog about today and this is a great start.

1. I love my Lord, Jesus Christ. He is truly my everything. I know people say this all the time but, it is so true.
2. I adore my family. To the world we may come off as normal but, in reality we are very weird...but in a great way!
3. I want to be a wife when it is time.
4. I want to be a mother.
5. I want 4-5 children one day...mainly boys.
6. I am a thumb-sucker.
7. I am a vegetarian that eats mainly vegan items.
8. I avoid all dairy products such as cheese, milk, butter, etc.
9. I constantly obsess over my weight and body.
10. I dream of having a Pug one day.
11. I used to have a Shih-Tzu named Champagne and she died this summer:-(
12. I want to obtain a Master's in History.
13. I finally know what I want to be in life.
14. I love shopping at thrift stores.
15. My favorite color is pink.
16. I used to be addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and I still fight this addiction daily
17. I think Maxwell is the most beautiful man alive.
18. I am a secretary.
19. I am an avid reader and own hundreds of books from many genres.
20. I don't have cable or internet in my home.
21. My favorite movie is "Interview with the Vampire"
22. My favorite singers are Babyface and Anita Baker.
23. I own a lot of clothes.
24. I love fashion but, hate fashion magazines.
25. I have eczema.
26. I love avocados even though my throat begins to itch after eating them.
27. I am allergic to almonds. I'm talking about throat closing, can't breathe, tongue swelling, and vomiting type of allergic.
28. I have now been vegetarian for 9 months.
29. I don't miss eating meat at all and I don't know why I didn't give it up sooner.
30. I get very irritated over very small things but, most people can't tell.
31. A MAJOR pet peeve of mine is when people who talk with their mouth full.
32. I am a big romantic.
33. I do not consume alcoholic beverages. I did in college and I am so over it.
35. I constantly strive to become a better person and walk in the Lord's light.
36. My favorite romance novel is "High Energy" by Dara Joy.
37. I LOVE paranormal romance novels.
38. I come off as a very serious person--though I can have my witty moments.
39. I own a ton of eyeshadows.
40. I am 5'2.
41. I have only sisters.
42. I was raised in a house with 7 children.
43. I have my insecure moments still, even though I'm getting better.
44. I was considered ugly from childhood to my teenage years and was picked on horribly for this.
45. I loathe when people put down others for their appearance.
46. I love pink christmas trees and just bought one for myself.
47. I could look in dog books for days and just read on the different breeds and their personalities.
48. I don't like cats. Actually, I am really afraid of cats...they creep me out.
49. I wish I had the entire Harry Potter movie set on DVD.
50. I think Hermione is a beautiful name.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Linkage: How's Your Knowledge on Hair Color???

At one time, I really wanted to color my natural hair. However, I knew without a doubt that I did not want to use the conventional methods of hair color because I feel that they can be harmful to the hair. So, I thought of applying henna to my hair. However, I since decided against henna because of the drying effects. So, while browsing one of my fave blog, the Natural Haven, I saw that she did a post giving details to the types of hair colors. She explained how the difference between henna and conventional hair dyes. She also gave details and illustrations on exactly how dye penetrates the hair.

She suggested that if you want to color your hair that you research in depth on your own. I must agree with her because at the end of the day, only you truly understand your hair. Also, many naturals know how to take care of their hair with hair color. I just didn't want the extra stress of maintaining my hair with color in it.

So, check out the link HERE.

Step Away from the Towel...just for a minute

So, when it comes to natural hair we must treat it very gently--as if it is the most fragile piece of glass. One way we can ensure that we are being gentle with our hair is by stepping away from the towel.

Most towels are made from rough fibers that may feel gentle on our body but, are not gentle on our hair. First off, you should never vigorously scrub at the hair with the towel to dry it. Also, if you feel you must dry your hair choose the option of a T-shirt or a Beach towel. The t-shirt is the most gentle because it does not have any of fibers of a towel and a Beach cloth has a smoother texture.

When do I use a towel? I use a Beach towel that my sister, Auset, left at my house. However, I don't use this towel directly on my hair. I mainly use the towel to capture the excess water that runs into my neck, face, and eyes when I wash my hair. Also, when I deep condition and apply my shower cap to my hair I wrap the towel over the shower cap. I do this so the towel may capture the excess water.

Since I don't use the towel directly on my hair, why should it matter what type of fiber it is? I choose to use the Beach towel just in case my hair falls accidentally and rubs againsts the towel. Therefore, if the towel rubs against it then, it will be gentle on my hair.

So, why don't I use the towel directly on my hair? Again, I listened to the advice of Teri LaFlesh of "Curly Like Me". When she manipulates her hair, she likes for it to be soaking and dripping wet. She said this is the best way to manipulate the hair. Some time ago I tried this method. I kept my hair soaking wet, applied my conditioner as a leave-in, and proceeded to do my hair. It worked like a charm. It was not hard to detangle my hair and the proccess sped by. Ever since those successful results, I mainly like to do my hair in its soaking wet state.

In the end, I did not completely eliminate the use of my towel. I just changed the type of towel used and I changed the method in which I use the towel.

If You Like Fashion...Check Out My New Blog

So, another great passion of mine is fashion. Initially, I was going to start a segment on this blog entitled "My Natural Style". However, I realized that I may talk forever about my style and my posts may become too focused on the fashion side and not the natural hair side.

Therefore, I started a fashion blog. It is called "She Wore Elegance" and the address is I started the blog this past Friday and I have been having SO much fun posting.

Check out the blog HERE if you are interested in fashion.

My natural hair journey is still a great passion of mine and you can trust that this blog will not be neglected. I think its a great thing to chronicle my natural hair and my natural style.

Hairstyle: French Braids with Pompadour


So, this weekend I finally tried something new with my hair and I like it! In a past post, I mentioned that I wanted to try some french braids and I found a video on YouTube showing how to do a french braid style on short and coily natural hair. Initially, I intended to just to the french braids but, then I got an idea in my head to jazz it up a bit.

While at church, this cute little girl had her hair braided up but, she had a section left out loose. So, I thought to myself it would be cute to french braid my hair and leave enough hair for a bang (a twisted-out bang). So, I braided the hair, left a section loose for a bang, and twisted that section up. I tied a scarf over the braids to smooth it out and then I put a satin bonnet over my entire head. When you first put the Giovanni Deep Moisture leave-in on it leaves a white frothy residue. But, what's great about it is it disappears and soaks into the hair. (I used to be nervous about that residue.) Notice the residue is disappearing.

The next morning, I took the twists down for my bang. However, I just wasn't really feeling the bang with the entire look. So, I had to think of something quick because I needed to go to work. It was then that I came up with the idea to pin it up for a pompadour. And I liked it!

What I really love about having the pompadour instead of the bang is that it is now a complete protective style. With the bang out, I would have still had some of my hair exposed to the harsh winds of the coming fall/winter. And even though it is still hot outside, I have been practicing/trying-out new protective styles for the coming months.

Here's what I did:
1. I co-washed my hair with Suave Coconut Naturals.
2. I took my wide-tooth comb, took small sections of my hair, and detangled my entire head.
3. I deep conditioned for 15 mintues with the Suave Coconut Naturals.
4. I then applied my Giovanni Deep Moisture Leave-in conditioner generously.
5. I then divided my hair into five sections. (2 in the back, 2 on the side, and 1 in the front for a bang/pompadour.)
6. I first braided the side sections.
7. I then braided the back sections and pulled the tail-end of those side braids into the braids in the back. (I really need to start YouTubing this but, I digress)
8. I then took that front section and individually twisted it.
9. I tied my hair up for the night and put a satin bonnet over the entire thing.
10. The next morning I took the twists down, seperated them just a tad.
11. I then divided that section into 2 sections and pinned them back.
12. Lastly, I crossed over those tail-ends in the back and pinned them up.
13. And you're done! I know it seems like a lot of steps but, trust me this style is too simple.
Bonus pic: This is the amount of shed hair I had once I detangled.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Natural Blast fromt the Past: The Temptations

Oh how I love their music!! Well, their music from back in the day. If you look at images of The Temptations over the years, you will notice the many hairstyle changes the group went through. When they first came out they were all wearing "the conk". However, as time went by they all switched to their small afros. I think they all look so handsome with their natural hair. It amazes me how each of them had a slight variation of the style yet, it fit each of them. Many times I wish guys still wore their hair like this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hairstyle: Day 4 Twist Out with Cornrow Braids on Side

This was my hair last night right after I did it. This is my hair last night right after I did it--an upward shot.

When I got home from church yesterday I felt like trying out a new hairstyle. I have been meaning to try this style out for some time but, I have put it off. This style is really simple! If you know how to cornrow then this style is easy. Yet, a great alternative to cornrows would be to flat twist it to the side. I like this style because it gives my look a slight change.

The steps:
1. Section off a small amount of hair to the side.
2. Finger detangle this section.
3. Start to part the hair-->part the hair upwards.
4. I parted with my fingers.
5. Begin to cornrow.
6. After the cornrows are in place bobby pin the remaining hair up.
7. Blend the hair in with the rest of your hair.

This is my hair today at work. I just slep with a satin bonnet on last night. This morning I pulled my hair out (it was smooshed) and then I pinned the section of braids up.
This is my hair this morning. This is how it looks from the front.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Linkage: Learn How to Do French Braids on Short & Coily Hair

I have really been wanting to wear french braids in my hair. I wanted to try them out when I first Big Chopped but, my hair was too short. I have a little extra length but, it was still difficult for me to french braid my hair (I tried this past weekend).
I know I do not have the same texture as the model's hair in this photo. However, I find hair inspirations from everywhere. Her hair is so elegant and beautiful--and so is she. This is why I adore french braids.

I think french braids are so classic and elegant. And it is such a low-maintenance style--once they are in. While on YouTube I found this video of this girl, Naptural85, who teaches how to do a french braid style on tightly coily shrunken hair. Her hair is longer than mine but, I am still going to try the style out.

Check out the link HERE.

This weekend I will be trying to french braid my hair again. However, I am going to try it on wet hair instead of dry (the dry hair was TOO tangled). I am going to first detangle the hair and then put the braids in. Hopefully, all will go well...

Wish List: Forever 21 Items

When I start to experiment with more updos, I want to start adding accesories to give the look a little more "umph". I was on Forever 21's site--which is a great site--and saw so many cute headbands. Seriously, they have such a wide range.

I saw this headband that I wanted and it is priced at $3.80. I am trying to get away from black flowered accesories because they blend into my hair too much. So, it just makes my hairstyle look a little off. So, I saw these cute sequined headbands. One is in purple, which is a color I love to wear. And the other is in gray, which is a great alternative to black. I like these types of headbands because they do not add pressure to the hair or pull at the hair.

Then, I saw this ADORABLE hat that I just have to have for the winter months. This hat has a such a vintage feel. It looks as if it came straight from the '20s. I can just imagine popping this on my head on top of my twist updos. It is priced at $14.80, which is not too bad. And it is 100% wool. However, I am a thrifty girl so, I will be on the lookout for hats similar to this when I go thrifting.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Forever 21 and this is not an advertisement. This is simply a personal wish list of mine.

A Staple Item: Bobby Pins

I usually do posts about my staple products but, what about my staple items? First up is the bobby pin.

I use bobby pins for every single one of my updos. And I also use them to pull hair away from my face or to the side. I'm sure many naturals can attest to the fact that bobby pins help to achieve a number of hairstyles.

My usage of bobby pins will increase in the coming months. Because the weather will soon get colder, I will be utilizing styles that tuck the ends of my hair in. To tuck those ends under, I will need the help of the bobby pin.

The thing I also love about the bobby pin is how inexpensive it is. You can find bobby pins for such a low price. Also, bobby pins are wide in availability. You never have to go to a certain store to find them. They are in department stores, pharmacies, discount stores, grocery stores, etc.

However, despite its availabilty you must be careful when choosing bobby pins. All bobby pins are NOT the same. For instance, I bought this tub of bobby pins from the local Beauty Supply store. Initially, I was happy because there were 500 bobby pins in the tub. And how much I use bobby pins (and lose them) I thought these were perfect. Yet, I only paid $1.99 for them and they were not the best. The little gummy end was not seamless and because of that it would pull strands of my hair out. The best brands of bobby pins that I like are Scunci and Conair. Those brands are usually found at department stores and pharmacies.

Therefore, the bobby pin is definitely a staple item. I can't even imagine not using the bobby pin. Those little things help to achieve so much!


In the natural community we here about shrinkage all the time. So, why is this topic discussed so much? What exactly is shrinkage? Is it possible to decrease the amount of shrinkage you experience?

When it comes to natural hair, most individuals experience some form of shrinkage. I would have to say that the shrinkage is more noticeable with type 4 hair and above. I experience shrinkage around the perimeter of my hair mainly. However, in the crown of my hair the shrinkage is so minimal--the hair has more of a wave pattern. With my sister, Alison, her shrinkage is major and throughout her head. When she washes her hair or wear it unpicked her hair looks shorter than mine. Yet, when her hair is stretched it reaches to her midback--very long. My sister, Auset, experiences shrinkage too. She usually wears her hair unpicked and one day I stretched it out and she had more length than I thought.

So, what exactly is shrinkage? Shrinkage is the length of the hair in its naturally coily state. This length usually appears much shorter than the actual length of the hair. However, once the hair is stretched it is possible to see the actual length of the hair. Once the hair is unstretched the length will spring back to the shorter length. You can usually see the shrinked state of the hair when it is wet.

In what ways do naturals avoid shrinkage? There are a number of processes that naturals use to decrease the amount of shrinkage their hair experiences. There is the process of banding, which involves putting hair bands along the length of the hair. Once the bands are removed the hair is stretched to show more of its length. Some naturals also choose to braid the hair to stretch it out. Some naturals choose to twist the hair. Another method naturals use is to blow out the hair, which involves combing the hair out while blow drying it. And some naturals choose to straighten their hair periodically to get an idea of the length of their hair. Of course some of these methods show the length of the hair much more than other methods. For instance, banding, blowing out, and straightening the hair will allow the hair to stretch more than braiding or twisting the hair. Also, some naturals like to use some of these methods on dry hair because it stretches the hair more than it would on wet hair.

Now, how do I feel about shrinkage? I noticed that I don't really focus on the shrinkage of my hair that much. Of course I twist my hair and this does stretch it somewhat. Yet, I mainly do this for the style and to help with detangling. I also tried the braid-out. Other naturals said the braid-out will stretch the hair out more, but I didn't notice a major stretch. The braid-out and twist-out are the only methods I can see myself using to stretch out my hair. I don't like the idea of blowing out the hair. I just think that is too much manipulation of the hair. I know some use cool air instead of hot air for their blow-outs in order to avoid heat damage. I'm not to keen on banding because I just don't think I would feel like putting the bands in. And I wouldn't want to sleep with those bands in my hair. Also, I wonder if those bands put too much pressure on the hair. As for straightening, I don't have any plans to ever straighten my hair. Many of the natural gurus have straightened their hair at some point but, this isn't for me. I don't like the idea of heat on my hair and I adore my natural texture.
I tried to stretch my hair so you can get an idea of the actual length of it compared to the rest of the hair. (It's kinda hard to hold the camera with one hand and pull the hair down with the other.) This is another pic from the side, which gives you a better idea.

My sister, Joy, is obsessed with me showing the actual length of my hair. Everytime I am around her she goes "Pull down your hair so I can see where it actually is." Once I pull it down she just gets amazed at the amount of shrinkage. Also, in my family we all love to pull down my sister, Alison's, hair. Her shrinkage is so major that it is amazing to watch is stretch to her mid-back and then spring to the nape of her neck.

In the end, I think shrinkage is a unique feature of our hair. It puts me in awe to see the things our hair does. The Lord truly blessed each and every one of us with a uniqueness and I fully embrace it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random: Objects in my hair???

It has been five months since my Big Chop and I have noticed the growth of my hair. I have now realized that my hair is getting bigger because I am starting to find objects lost in it. Seriously.

This past Saturday I went shopping for a few clothes. When I got home that night I tried on all of the clothes that I bought. I prepared for bed that night and put my satin bonnet on as usual.

I lie to you not. The next day after church I happened to be playing in my hair and I found a...price tag! It must've came off one of the shirts that I was trying on the night before. What is crazy to me is that I did my hair that morning by reshaping my braid out, I went to church, went to eat, spent time with my fam and I never even felt that price tag in my hair. Not once.

I started thinking about when Teri Laflesh of "Curly Like Me" said that she finds objects all the time in her hair. She just thinks of it as normal. I wonder as my hair continues to grow and get bigger if I will find other odd objects in my hair. Hmmm:-/

How Did My Hair Plans for the Weekend Go???

So, this past weekend I had intended to do absolutely nothing to my hair and try to stretch my braid-out. But, what really happened?

I went to church and wore my Day 6 Braid-Out and it was really cute. When I got home after church and spending time with the family I proceeded to play in my hair. I first tried to pin my hair in some kind of updo. This was beginning to get frustrating because my hair is SO thick--which is a good thing. It was hard to keep the hair in the bobby pins and it just wasn't turning out how I liked it. Then, I tried to put some more individual braids in the hair--but much larger--for another braid out. I got frustrated with the time it takes me to individual braid. I then tried to put my hair in some cornrows but, my hair needed some serious detangling. And since I only detangle on wet hair I decided not to because it was so late. The last style I played with was to try out headband styles. But, I was a nervous wreck that the headband may pull out my hair. So, what did I do...

I went back to the simple twist-out. I dry twisted my hair using my Jamaican Mango and Lime locking gel. I made the twists so much larger than I usually do. However, the twist out still came out cute.Please excuse the crazy expression on my face.

I feel so disappointed in myself that I was not able to come up with a new hairstyle:-( I will try again this weekend for something new.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Linkage: Battle of the Braid-Out and Twist-Out

This week I have been wearing my hair in a braid-out and I mentioned that its has its pros and cons. However, there must be other naturals out there who want to understand the difference between the braid-out and twist-out. They also want to know which is better.

A reader submitted the question to CurlyNikki and she provided insight to her experience with the Braid-Out versus the Twist-Out.

Check out the link HERE.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Natural Inspiration: Tracy Ellis Ross

This picture does a great job of accentuating her features and her hair.
I love her outfit in this pic and her hair just brings it all together.

This updo is simply elegant. I plan on trying something like this for my fall/winter styles.

I had to include this shot of her rocking the french braids. This is another style I am going to try to recreate this fall/winter.

She is one of the most gorgeous women! And she is so classy and elegant!

Tracy Ellis Ross has always had the most beautiful hair to me. I remember watching the show "Girlfriends" in high school and just admiring her hair and her style. However, I attributed her gorgeous mane to the fact that she is of mixed heritage. I never would have believed that my type of hair could attain that bigness (that is def not a word. lol) and volume. Yet, with the support of blogs/YouTubes I have seen evidence of many people with my type of hair attain the fabulousness that I once thought was not possible.

When I was trying to find pictures of Tracy for the Natural Inspiration, I was having such a hard time choosing just a few. She takes some fab pictures and her style is out of this world. I love how classic she is. So, I have decided to include all of the pics that I liked:-)

Hair Today: Braid Out, 3rd Day

Ever had one of those days where you are really feeling your hair?? Well, I'm having one today:-) I am loving how my hair is looking today. It feels so big and it has a nice shape. What I like about the braid-out is that it really shows off my hair texture. When I have the twist-outs the pattern is more of a wave.

Also, I think that I may revisit the braid-out in the future. I know that I made the braids too small. So, the next time I am going to make them much larger. Hopefully, they will turn out nice.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Am I Going To Do With My Hair???

Summer is coming to an end soon and that means this hot and humid weather will soon be leaving the lovely state of Alabama. This type of weather is great for my hair. The humidity helps to lock in moisture and my hair just thrives. But, what am I going to do with my hair once those cold months start to kick in?

See, I went natural on April 5, 2010. That was in the Spring and there wasn't really any harsh or cold winds on my hair. I have heard that it is imperative to protect our hair from the cold air of the winter. If not, then we may suffer from brittle ends, dry hair, and breakage. These are all things that I wish to avoid.

A few protective hairstyle options I may try this Fall/Winter are:
1. Cornrows
2. Twist Updos
3. Braid Updos
4. Regular Updos
5. Head scarves (with the hair braided beneath it)

Those are the only options I have been able to think of so far. (And I do not want to wear any kind of extensions/wigs or headband updos). I am going to start searching YouTube for more ideas. One thing I do not like to do is get bored with my hair.

Protective styles are great for natural hair. I discussed this in a previous post. So, I will be implementing a number of protective styles for coming season. Also, I will probably be sealing my hair ends more. I usually try to seal them every other day or so. Yet, I may start to seal them every day. Also, I may start oiling my hair everyday. I'm also thinking about only washing/co-washing my hair every two weeks during the winter. I will just have to wait and see that status of my hair during this time before I make any definite decisions.

Do you have any plans for hair for the Fall/Winter season??? Let me know:-)

Straight or Natural: Angie Stone

This is Angie now--straight hair.

This is Angie then--natural hair.

There has been a number of celebrities who were once natural (or may still be natural) who choose to rock their straight styles. I feel it would be a good post to compare/contrast pictures of their look with straight her versus natural hair.

First up is Angie Stone. Back in the day Angie would rock her natural tresses--or natural looking weaves. Recently, she has traded her natural look for a straight look. Personally, I liked the natural hair much better on her. It complimented and accentuated her features.

So, which look do you like best???

This will be a continuing segment. More celebrities coming in the future...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In a post from the past, I asked "Is a Comb Really Needed?". I was asking this question because I realized that I rarely used a comb because I was wearing the twist-out hairstyle so much. And this hairstyle doesn't really require a comb. Yet, I did say that I was not going to be hasty and throw out my combs because I may need them.

Last week I did not wash my hair. I put it in twists and wore it in a twist updo. So, my hair was not properly detangled in about two weeks. So, yesterday while co-washing my hair I decided to have a detangling session. I saturated my wet hair in conditioner and grabbed my wide-tooth comb. I then proceeded to comb through my hair hair. First off, I noticed that I still had about 4 twists still in my hair. LOL. I was patient and detangled my hair and captured all shed hairs. I had about the amount of a small golf ball. This was a lot of shed hair--for me. But, I did take into account that I did not comb my hair in over two weeks. Another thing I noticed when I combed out my hair was how much it has grown. If I were to wear a full afro the difference in my past afro would be very noticeable. I noticed the growth while it was wet and in a somewhat strunken state.

So, detangling is a necessary must. It helps for us to capture those shed hairs and gauge how much hair we are shedding weekly. My sister, Auset, did a post about the importance of detangling. Check it out HERE.

Hairstyle: Braid (&twist) Out

This is the result of the Braid (&twist) Out.

This is how my hair looked after I finished braiding it. I braided it after washing and if you look closely you can kinda see some of the conditioner that I used as a leave-in on my hair. I oiled my hair with EVOO to eliminate the residue. In the future, I may make the braids larger.

So, since this was a holiday weekend (Labor Day) I decided to try out something new with my hair. I finally tried the Braid (&twist) Out that was inspired by the YouTuber br0nzeqt. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Most people have suggested the Braid out because they say that it will stretch the hair more than a twist-out will. And with the Braid/Twist out you get the benefit of stretched hair but, curled ends.

So, what's my thoughts on this hairstyle?? I liked the way my hair turned out this morning. But, this style is TOO time-consuming. Yesterday, I shampooed and co-washed my hair. I applied my HE Totally Twisted for a leave-in and divided my hair in four sections to start putting the braids/twists in. I started at 12:20 pm and finished my entire head at 2:19 pm. That was over two hours! And I worked diligently. The next morning I awoke at 6:00 am and began taking my braids/twists out (I sealed my ends while taking them out). I finished at around 7:25 am. That is almost a hour and a half of take-down. Needless, to say this style is will NOT be a staple. I feel the small amount of stretch is not worth the time it takes to put this style in. One good thing about the Braid/Twist out is that I did not have to seperate the hair for fullness after taking it down. It was already full. I would rather stick to the twist-outs because it is a faster hairstyle. It usually takes me--at the most--30 minutes to put my twists in. Take down and styling is usually less than 30 minutes. If I do the braid/twist out in the future I will definitely make the parts much larger.

These are the steps:
1. Refer to the link of the video for more details.
2. Wash hair, apply leave-in.
3. Divide hair into four sections (make sure to part the hair in the way you want it to fall).
3. Take a section at a time and begin to braid/twist the hair.
4. Apply scalp oil.
5. Apply EVOO throughout the hair.
6. Leave the hair braided overnight--or until its completely dry.
7. Take down the hair.
8. There is no need to seperate the hair for fullness.
9. You're done!