Monday, September 13, 2010

How Did My Hair Plans for the Weekend Go???

So, this past weekend I had intended to do absolutely nothing to my hair and try to stretch my braid-out. But, what really happened?

I went to church and wore my Day 6 Braid-Out and it was really cute. When I got home after church and spending time with the family I proceeded to play in my hair. I first tried to pin my hair in some kind of updo. This was beginning to get frustrating because my hair is SO thick--which is a good thing. It was hard to keep the hair in the bobby pins and it just wasn't turning out how I liked it. Then, I tried to put some more individual braids in the hair--but much larger--for another braid out. I got frustrated with the time it takes me to individual braid. I then tried to put my hair in some cornrows but, my hair needed some serious detangling. And since I only detangle on wet hair I decided not to because it was so late. The last style I played with was to try out headband styles. But, I was a nervous wreck that the headband may pull out my hair. So, what did I do...

I went back to the simple twist-out. I dry twisted my hair using my Jamaican Mango and Lime locking gel. I made the twists so much larger than I usually do. However, the twist out still came out cute.Please excuse the crazy expression on my face.

I feel so disappointed in myself that I was not able to come up with a new hairstyle:-( I will try again this weekend for something new.

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