Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hairstyle: Braid (&twist) Out

This is the result of the Braid (&twist) Out.

This is how my hair looked after I finished braiding it. I braided it after washing and if you look closely you can kinda see some of the conditioner that I used as a leave-in on my hair. I oiled my hair with EVOO to eliminate the residue. In the future, I may make the braids larger.

So, since this was a holiday weekend (Labor Day) I decided to try out something new with my hair. I finally tried the Braid (&twist) Out that was inspired by the YouTuber br0nzeqt. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Most people have suggested the Braid out because they say that it will stretch the hair more than a twist-out will. And with the Braid/Twist out you get the benefit of stretched hair but, curled ends.

So, what's my thoughts on this hairstyle?? I liked the way my hair turned out this morning. But, this style is TOO time-consuming. Yesterday, I shampooed and co-washed my hair. I applied my HE Totally Twisted for a leave-in and divided my hair in four sections to start putting the braids/twists in. I started at 12:20 pm and finished my entire head at 2:19 pm. That was over two hours! And I worked diligently. The next morning I awoke at 6:00 am and began taking my braids/twists out (I sealed my ends while taking them out). I finished at around 7:25 am. That is almost a hour and a half of take-down. Needless, to say this style is will NOT be a staple. I feel the small amount of stretch is not worth the time it takes to put this style in. One good thing about the Braid/Twist out is that I did not have to seperate the hair for fullness after taking it down. It was already full. I would rather stick to the twist-outs because it is a faster hairstyle. It usually takes me--at the most--30 minutes to put my twists in. Take down and styling is usually less than 30 minutes. If I do the braid/twist out in the future I will definitely make the parts much larger.

These are the steps:
1. Refer to the link of the video for more details.
2. Wash hair, apply leave-in.
3. Divide hair into four sections (make sure to part the hair in the way you want it to fall).
3. Take a section at a time and begin to braid/twist the hair.
4. Apply scalp oil.
5. Apply EVOO throughout the hair.
6. Leave the hair braided overnight--or until its completely dry.
7. Take down the hair.
8. There is no need to seperate the hair for fullness.
9. You're done!

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