Monday, September 13, 2010

Random: Objects in my hair???

It has been five months since my Big Chop and I have noticed the growth of my hair. I have now realized that my hair is getting bigger because I am starting to find objects lost in it. Seriously.

This past Saturday I went shopping for a few clothes. When I got home that night I tried on all of the clothes that I bought. I prepared for bed that night and put my satin bonnet on as usual.

I lie to you not. The next day after church I happened to be playing in my hair and I found a...price tag! It must've came off one of the shirts that I was trying on the night before. What is crazy to me is that I did my hair that morning by reshaping my braid out, I went to church, went to eat, spent time with my fam and I never even felt that price tag in my hair. Not once.

I started thinking about when Teri Laflesh of "Curly Like Me" said that she finds objects all the time in her hair. She just thinks of it as normal. I wonder as my hair continues to grow and get bigger if I will find other odd objects in my hair. Hmmm:-/


  1. That's very funny. My hair isn't big enought to find objects in it.

  2. Before you know it, you're going to be finding stuff in your hair too. Once I found the price tag I thought, "Do I officially have big hair now?" LOL!

  3. My kids are 4 and 3. The stuff I find in their hair isn't nearly as innoculous as a price tag. Leave, gravel, glitter, dog hair...I'm always picking junk out of there and praying no one thinks that I'm a mom who doesn't look at her kids' hair regularly enough.

  4. Your hair grows fast Miss Cee!
    I am sure you will be find more stuff as you progress along this journey!

  5. LOL! @ Kaydar1996. I am sure you find all types of objects in your childrens' hair. Kids are always active and about! I used to LOVE to play in the dirt when I was child. My mom hated how my hair would get:-)

    @Emme - It does seem to be growing faster than I realize. I think the time is just flying by.

  6. The thought of finding objects in my hair used to scare me, but reading your story about your experience helps me to see that it's really no big deal and that I shouldn't take it so seriously! Lol!