Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hairstyle: Day 4 Twist Out with Cornrow Braids on Side

This was my hair last night right after I did it. This is my hair last night right after I did it--an upward shot.

When I got home from church yesterday I felt like trying out a new hairstyle. I have been meaning to try this style out for some time but, I have put it off. This style is really simple! If you know how to cornrow then this style is easy. Yet, a great alternative to cornrows would be to flat twist it to the side. I like this style because it gives my look a slight change.

The steps:
1. Section off a small amount of hair to the side.
2. Finger detangle this section.
3. Start to part the hair-->part the hair upwards.
4. I parted with my fingers.
5. Begin to cornrow.
6. After the cornrows are in place bobby pin the remaining hair up.
7. Blend the hair in with the rest of your hair.

This is my hair today at work. I just slep with a satin bonnet on last night. This morning I pulled my hair out (it was smooshed) and then I pinned the section of braids up.
This is my hair this morning. This is how it looks from the front.

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