Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is known in the natural community that most commercials shampoos can be damaging to our natural tresses. For this reason, the phenonomenon of co-washing became the norm for natural hair--and even for some relaxed hair. I am a big fan of co-washing. When I first heard about it while transitioning I immediately began this practice. I even co-washed the entire time that I transitioned. However, can we shampoo natural hair??

Absolutely. In my opinion shampooing should be a part of your hair regimen. I shampoo once a month to ensure that I do not have any build-up or a nasty scalp. Teri LaFlesh said it best, shampooing should be for the scalp and co-washing should be for the hair. However, if you used products that created buid-up in the hair, it is best to use the shampoo on the hair also. Trust me, it's fine.

Yet, it is important that we choose the best shampoo for our hair. By now, many naturals know that shampoos that contain sulfates are NOT good for our hair. Sulfates will dry out the hair and lead to breakage. There are a number of great shampoos on the market that do not contain sulfates and that are great for natural hair. Of course, they will cost more than your typical commercial shampoos, however; you can not forsake quality when it comes to your hair.

My favorite shampoo--and only shampoo--is the Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo. I buy this shampoo from my local Target. Other shampoos I have heard great things about in the natural community are Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Shampoo, Giovanni 50/50 shampoo, Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat, and Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle. I hope to one day buy the listed Giovanni shampoos and the Aubrey Organics shampoo.

I judge a great shampoo by how much lather it has also. When I used to use those typical shampoos the lather would be out of this world! However, with my sulfate free shampoo there is not any major lather. You mainly see a few suds but, not any completly white frothy foam.

So, make sure you have a GREAT shampoo and add it to your hair regimen. Are there any other great shampoos that you know of out there for natural hair? If so, where can it be found?

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  1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter is great. It is my favorite so far. I have also used and heard great things about the Elucence brand, but opted for the Shea Moisture myself.