Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In a post from the past, I asked "Is a Comb Really Needed?". I was asking this question because I realized that I rarely used a comb because I was wearing the twist-out hairstyle so much. And this hairstyle doesn't really require a comb. Yet, I did say that I was not going to be hasty and throw out my combs because I may need them.

Last week I did not wash my hair. I put it in twists and wore it in a twist updo. So, my hair was not properly detangled in about two weeks. So, yesterday while co-washing my hair I decided to have a detangling session. I saturated my wet hair in conditioner and grabbed my wide-tooth comb. I then proceeded to comb through my hair hair. First off, I noticed that I still had about 4 twists still in my hair. LOL. I was patient and detangled my hair and captured all shed hairs. I had about the amount of a small golf ball. This was a lot of shed hair--for me. But, I did take into account that I did not comb my hair in over two weeks. Another thing I noticed when I combed out my hair was how much it has grown. If I were to wear a full afro the difference in my past afro would be very noticeable. I noticed the growth while it was wet and in a somewhat strunken state.

So, detangling is a necessary must. It helps for us to capture those shed hairs and gauge how much hair we are shedding weekly. My sister, Auset, did a post about the importance of detangling. Check it out HERE.

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