Monday, September 27, 2010

Straight or Natural: Jill Scott

Ok. So, Jill Scott has been an inspiration for many naturals with the various and beautiful styles she wore with her natural hair. About a month ago, it was revealed on BlackGirlLongHair that Jill Scott was rocking a short straight style. I am not sure if the hair is relaxed on straightened. I just know that she never rocked a straight style before.

Therefore, I figured that Jill Scott would be great for the "Straight or Natural" segment. Of course, I liked her with the natural hair. It brought out the beauty of her face and gorgeous smile.

Weigh in.


  1. Jill Scott is a truly beautiful woman.
    She ROCKS the naturals. I tend to prefer the natural styles as opposed to the straight on her. LOVED her fro stoppin' in "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency."

  2. IKR!! She is beatiful and her hair was on point on that show. And doesn't she have the greatest smile?

  3. Prefer her much more with natural hair, I agree it really brings out her beauty.