Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Straight or Natural: Angie Stone

This is Angie now--straight hair.

This is Angie then--natural hair.

There has been a number of celebrities who were once natural (or may still be natural) who choose to rock their straight styles. I feel it would be a good post to compare/contrast pictures of their look with straight her versus natural hair.

First up is Angie Stone. Back in the day Angie would rock her natural tresses--or natural looking weaves. Recently, she has traded her natural look for a straight look. Personally, I liked the natural hair much better on her. It complimented and accentuated her features.

So, which look do you like best???

This will be a continuing segment. More celebrities coming in the future...


  1. Well, I definitely liked her natural. It is kinda annoying seeing all the so-called pioneers of natural hair straighten it. And right when it seems like more black women in general are embracing natural hair.

  2. IKR! They were the ones who inspired so many to go natural and now they are choosing to exchange their natural tresses for straight hair.

  3. I didn't even know she used to be natural! I always knew there was something wrong with that straight hair lol. but jokes apart I definitely think she looks better, even younger with natural hair.