Thursday, September 9, 2010

Natural Inspiration: Tracy Ellis Ross

This picture does a great job of accentuating her features and her hair.
I love her outfit in this pic and her hair just brings it all together.

This updo is simply elegant. I plan on trying something like this for my fall/winter styles.

I had to include this shot of her rocking the french braids. This is another style I am going to try to recreate this fall/winter.

She is one of the most gorgeous women! And she is so classy and elegant!

Tracy Ellis Ross has always had the most beautiful hair to me. I remember watching the show "Girlfriends" in high school and just admiring her hair and her style. However, I attributed her gorgeous mane to the fact that she is of mixed heritage. I never would have believed that my type of hair could attain that bigness (that is def not a word. lol) and volume. Yet, with the support of blogs/YouTubes I have seen evidence of many people with my type of hair attain the fabulousness that I once thought was not possible.

When I was trying to find pictures of Tracy for the Natural Inspiration, I was having such a hard time choosing just a few. She takes some fab pictures and her style is out of this world. I love how classic she is. So, I have decided to include all of the pics that I liked:-)


  1. I LOVE those French braids too. I am eager to try that out, but my first my hair needs to grow. lol

  2. LOL! IKR! But, I am looking forward to trying that style out.