Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Am I Going To Do With My Hair???

Summer is coming to an end soon and that means this hot and humid weather will soon be leaving the lovely state of Alabama. This type of weather is great for my hair. The humidity helps to lock in moisture and my hair just thrives. But, what am I going to do with my hair once those cold months start to kick in?

See, I went natural on April 5, 2010. That was in the Spring and there wasn't really any harsh or cold winds on my hair. I have heard that it is imperative to protect our hair from the cold air of the winter. If not, then we may suffer from brittle ends, dry hair, and breakage. These are all things that I wish to avoid.

A few protective hairstyle options I may try this Fall/Winter are:
1. Cornrows
2. Twist Updos
3. Braid Updos
4. Regular Updos
5. Head scarves (with the hair braided beneath it)

Those are the only options I have been able to think of so far. (And I do not want to wear any kind of extensions/wigs or headband updos). I am going to start searching YouTube for more ideas. One thing I do not like to do is get bored with my hair.

Protective styles are great for natural hair. I discussed this in a previous post. So, I will be implementing a number of protective styles for coming season. Also, I will probably be sealing my hair ends more. I usually try to seal them every other day or so. Yet, I may start to seal them every day. Also, I may start oiling my hair everyday. I'm also thinking about only washing/co-washing my hair every two weeks during the winter. I will just have to wait and see that status of my hair during this time before I make any definite decisions.

Do you have any plans for hair for the Fall/Winter season??? Let me know:-)

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