Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Linkage: Troy Polamalu's Hair Insured for $1 Million

I was simply browsing the internet and imagine my surprise when I saw that Troy Polamalu's hair is now insured for $1 million. That is amazing. As of yet, they are not sure if this is a publicity stunt but, it is shocking nonetheless.

In the past, I featured Troy as a "Beautiful Natural Men". His hair is simply gorgeous so maybe it is best that he gets it insured. I even expressed concern over his hair streaming down his back during games. You never know when someone could become vindictive.

So check out the article HERE. It's insightful.

Great Linkage: It's Time to Rethink that Afro

So, I have stated in the past that I adore wearing my afro. However, I have also admitted that the afro is not the best style for everyday. My reasoning was that I had too many tanges and that picking it out caused excess breakage.

Imagine my delight when I noticed that Jc of "The Natural Haven" discussed the disadvantages associated with wearing the afro consistently. I'm not saying you should completely eliminate the afro from your hairstyle. Yet, it is best to wear this style for a very limited time like 1-2 days.

Check out her detailed and historical advice concerning the afro HERE. She provided some very useful knowledge.

Also, Jc has a great blog! She provides information on natural hair from a scientific standpoint. Very informative!

Natural Inspiration: Toni Morrison

First off, she is such a great and talented author!! I own quite a few of her books--Song of Solomon, Sula, the Bluest Eye, Beloved. I just read her novels and I'm in awe. She truly is a literary genius! I often wonder how she does it.

Now that I've gone on and on about her great work let me now focus on her hair. Ms. Morrison is a beautiful woman who has aged so gracefully. I love that she wears her hair naturally and with such poise. Her locs are usually in a beautiful low updo that just fits her perfectly. I also like that she proudly wears her hair in its naturally gray color. A lot of women choose to continue to color their hair to cover their grays, which is fine for them. Yet, Ms. Morrison just looks beautiful with her natural tresses and her natural color.

Toni Morrison is definitely an inspiration for her literary works and for her natural hair.

Hairstyle: Twist Updo with Headband

Front view with headband.
Side view with headband.
This is my hair after I finished twisting it and right before I pinned it up. It's growing:-)

I mentioned in a previous post that I was getting tired of wearing twist-outs. I adore how they look and how they turn out but, I was just getting a bit bored. I had planned on trying a new hairstyle. However, I went to my trusty twist updo.

I put the twists in on Sunday on dry hair. I was experiencing a lazy day and did not do my usual routine of washing my hair. I still like how my twist updo turned out. And I have noticed that my hair has grown some. When I first did the twist updo HERE, my twists were shorter. Now they hang a little bit below my eyebrows.

The steps are still similar:
1. Twist hair on dry hair using a gel. I used Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel.
2. Start to bobby pin the hair throughout the head by picking up different sections.
3. Add a cute accessory if you want to jazz it up a bit.

A Staple Product: Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight Conditioner

Do not be afraid of the title of this conditioner. It will not straighten your hair. However, I will tell you what it will do.

I used the Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight conditioner last Sunday when I was putting in my twist for a twist-out. I used this conditioner as a leave-in. I am already a fan of the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner. So, I decided to give the Dangerously Straight a try. I may not be a product junkie but, I do adore conditioners.

These are the pros of this product:
1. The scent is simply divine. It is pear flavored.
2. It provides great slip for the hair.
3. Helps with detangling the hair--very easily.
4. This has a thick consistency so, it distributes in the hair perfectly.
5. This product really helps control frizzy hair. My twist-out was much more defined for a longer period of time.

These are the cons of this product:
1. This product will leave more residue in the hair when used as a leave-in. I apply oil to eliminate the residue but, I still has some residue. This may not be a problem if you do not use conditioners as a leave-in.
2. I adore the scent however; some may think that it is too strong.

Overall, I do like this product. I like the control it gives to my hair. I will be purchasing this product in the future because of the many benefits it has. This is another staple conditioner in my line of conditioners. This is my hair on Day 1 with the HE Dangerously Straight. This is my hair on Day 6 with the HE Dangerously Straight. There was a light drizzle on this day and my hair still held up.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair Today: Day 5 Twist-Out

I have not done a 'hair today' post in awhile. But, when I say it has been busy around here, I mean it! My hair has really been benefitting from my new method of leaving conditioner in the hair. My twist-outs seem to last forever.

I have been wearing twist-outs since July 2nd--ever since I found that missing hair patch. But, I must admit that I am getting a little bored with this style. This weekend, I think I'm going to try to jazz it up a bit. I think I am going to braid up the side and twist out the rest of the hair. I actually was inspired by a hairstyle by BeautifulBrwnBabyDol (a youtuber). She is another natural guru on Youtube that I adore! Another style I may try is the braid/twist out which was inspirred by the br0nzeqt (another youtuber). She is FAVE of mine! Or I may try to add accessories to my hair. Who knows?

As for my hair today, this is a twist-out on Day 5. The conditioner I left in my hair this time was Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight (a review coming soon about this product). However, I must say do not be afraid of the title of that conditioner. It is not going to straghten the hair. It does help to control the frizziness though.

Get the "Natural" Look in a Minute: "Natural" Wigs

So, I have noticed that there is a new phenomenon out there. This phenomenon is the "natural" wig. There are a lot of wig companies now offering the look of natural hair through natural wigs. I mean they have wigs ranging from locs, to big afros, to twist outs, and so much more.

Yet, I can't really say that this is a new phenomenon. It is actually a repeat of history. Back in the '70s when the afro was at the top of its popularity, there was a large availability of afro wigs. I was looking at a Malcolm X documentary and they were showing people selling afro wigs on the side of the street.

So, what's my take on it? As for me, I like the experience of learning about my hair and going natural with my natural hair. It is a rewarding and learning experience. I have learned--and am still learning--about the care of natural hair. I am learning what works and what doesn't work. I hope that with this vast knowlege I am gaining that I may be a help to others. When I have children one day I want to teach them to appreciate and care for their natural beauty given to them by God. However, I can also understand that sometimes individuals choose to wear wigs due to hair loss. Hair loss can be a result of an illness, chemicals that permanently damaged the hair, and other serious factors. So, these individuals may want to wear a wig to cover this problem. And it is nice that they have natural wigs available now. At one point, they would have had to settle for some silky straight wig or a silky curly wig. But it is imperative that we must not be ashamed of our hair. I know some people will wear a natural wig, yet still relax their hair under the wig. This just srikes me as odd.

In the end, I don't think I will be purchasing these wigs--or any wig--any time soon. Yet, this shows me that natural hair is growing in its popularity. Because they are offering such a vast amount of natural wigs, it shows me that people are beginning to accept the beauty of natural hair.

So, what's your thoughts on "natural" wigs???

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great Linkage: Learn How To Do a High Headwrap

I was just talking about using hair accessories to jazz up your look. One of the accessories I suggested was having a headwrap. However, I must admit that I had to learn how to do a headwrap. So, it is only fair that I link you to the video that I learned this from.

I have this favorite Youtuber called "whoissugar". First off, her personality is simply hilarious and out of this world. Secondly, she gives great advice on natural hair. Check out the video, How To Do a Bangin High Headwrap, by clicking HERE and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. In this video she gives detailed and humorous advice on how to achieve these beautiful headwraps.

Wish List: Natural T-Shirts

In continuing with my "Wish List" segment, I have to talk about natural t-shirts. There is this website called "Cafe press" that sells such a wide variety of natural t-shirts. I have pics above of my top two pics.

First off, I love the one with the full afro that simply says "naturally". I can just see myself rocking a full 'fro with this shirt on. It would be so BAD!! (I mean bad in a good way). This shirt is priced at $28.

I like the other shirt because I could wear this when I wear my twist-outs. And the message on it of "I love my kinky curls" is too tight. I mean the t-shirt is saying pretty much how I feel. This shirt is priced at $26.

I must admit that I do feel the prices are a bit high. We're talking about $30 once you add in shipping and handling. I can't fathom spending that amount alone on one t-shirt. That is just not me. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm a thrifty chick. However, it is nice to sometimes just look at items. Its kinda like window-shopping on the internet.

Hair Accessories...They Can Jazz Up Your Look

If you ever feel yourself getting bored with your natural hair, I have a suggestion. Try hair accessories. Hair accessories can immediately change up your look while at the same accentuating your natural 'do.

I don't wear accessories avidly, however; I do appreciate how they can change up a look. My main accessories that I have are: (1)crochet flowers that I make (2)various satin flowers (2)my flowered headbands (3)crochet tams (slouchy hats) that I make (4)my jeweled bobby pins that I bought from various locations (5)headwraps that I wrap upward or downward (6)my various earrings.

Usually, when I am trying something different I will play around with various flowers in my twist outs. I also like putting my flowered headbands in with my afro. However, I think my FAVE accessory will have to the crochet tam. I like the tams because they give me a chic yet, earthy look. Sometimes I will use the tam to cover my full head. Other times, I will either cornrow or twist my hair and have it peek from the tam. My accessory that I make sure to don everywhere I go are my earrings. I LOVE how earrings are so girly and feminine. I have pairs that range from small studs, to hoops, to unique dangling earrings.

Below are some pictures of my various accessories. This is a crochet flower that my sis, Alison, made. I love those wooden earrings from Claire's.
I made this tam and the accompanying flower.
I tried this crochet flower in my afro and I loved it!
This is 3 yards of fabric that I bought from Walmart. I usually don headwraps on weekends.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Linkage: Tomiko Fraser Interview on BlackGirlLongHair

So, I was browsing the internet on my fave natural blogs. I came across a wonderful interview with Tomiko Fraser on BlackGirlLongHair. If you have been a follower of this blog, it is pretty obvious that I am a BIG fan of Tomiko Fraser. She is simply a beautiful person--inside and out. And she always provides such inspirational words. I read the entire interview on BlackGirlLongHair and it was great! So, if you have some free time on your hands, I encourage you to check on the interview. Click HERE to read it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Natural Men: Eric Benet

What a beautiful voice Eric Benet has!! My fave song by him is "Love of My Own" (go check it out). He is truly a talented and gorgeous man!

Now, let me focus on his hair. Eric's hair has always been gorgeous to me. I loved his locs, his free-formed afro, and his textured crop look. It just seems like any style works on him (Kinda like Maxwell, even though I'm more partial to Maxwell. LOL). Overall, he is truly an attractive man and these styles truly work for him.

I love to see men show off the natural texture of their hair. It is a beautiful thing. I must say that close-cropped haircuts look great too but, I am partial to men that show of the natural beauty of their hair. It is for this reason, that Eric Benet is featured because he shows off the glory of his hair is various styles.

A Staple Product: Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil

This is my second review for a Hollywood Beauty product. I bought this HB Castor Oil because of the ingredients that were listed--they're very good and understandable. I must admit that it is not a product I use a whole lot. However, I do use it.

This product claims to do the following: Provide Moisturizing, Healing, Strengthening, and Conditioning for the Hair and Scalp.

I mainly use this product on my scalp. I use it only when I feel my scalp is very dry, which is not very often. I also use it on my missing patch of hair. (Click HERE for that blog post). I must say that I really appreciate this product.

Here are the pros of the product:
1. It is great for a dry scalp.
2. It really does help with problem areas of the scalp--my hair has begun to grow back in this area in a little over a month.
3. If you like to apply "grease" to your scalp or your child's scalp, this is the better choice.

Here are the cons of the produt:
1. This product can get a "greasy" feel to it when used on the hair.
2. If applied to the hair, it can feel as if there is build-up from the product on the hair. It has a heavy feel and I like my hair lightweight.

Ingredients: Hollywood Beauty Oil Complex , Castor Oil , Mink Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Tocopheryl Acetate- Vitamin E , Jojoba Oil , Paraffin Oil , Safflower Oil , Lanolin , Cocoa Butter , Propylparaben , Fragrance

Overall, I do like this product. I feel it is a great product for providing moisture to the scalp. This is not a product that I use everyday but, it is a product that is used. I try to apply it about every 1-2 days to my problem are to promote conditioning, healing, and strengthening. So far, I feel it is a great aid in this area.

Part 3: Oh The Crazy Things People Say

So, today I was attending a conference at my old job--I used to work at a hotel as sales coordinator--and I decided to stop by the offices to see if any of my past co-workers were there. I left that job in October of 2008 so I had a relaxer my entire time there--about 4 years. I understand that most people in this environment were used to me wearing my hair straight; therefore, I expected some comments on my natural tresses.

I first saw my past supervisor and we exchanged general greetings. She looked at my hair and said, "I see you have your natural hair. So, when are you going to straighten it?". I replied, "I don't plan on ever straightening my hair again." She then said, "Oh ok. I just can't get used to your hair like this. I'm used to your straight hair. It's not you." I simply pasted a pleasant smile on my face.

My past co-worker who was standing next to her was like, "Well, I mean I like the natural hair. But, I like your straight hair better." I kept the smile pasted.

Now here are my thoughts: Its funny how people will make comments about how my natural hair is "not me". Actually, this is me because this was the way I was originally made. Now, the relaxed hair was in reality "not me" because it was not natural. I can't say that I was angry/annoyed/hurt by these comments because I could really care less. I know that I love my hair and so, I'm not seeking praise from others in regards to my hair. At the end of the day, its their opinion. And I have my own opinion.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

List of Products to Care for Natural Hair

When my sister, Joy, first went natural. She had many questions about the type of products she should use and what not. I'm not sure if she has followed my advice because she insists on using that Blue Magic (how I hate that stuff). However, I feel this list would be really beneficial to others so that they may have an idea of what they should use for their natural hair. And how they should use it.

How to Care for Natural Hair

1.Extra Virgin Olive Oil – this will give you shine, moisture, and softness
2.Coconut Oil – this will give you moisture, softness, and great nutrients
3.Grapeseed Oil – Great for hair growth—but this oil will run into your face.

1.Giovanni Deep Moisture – found at Target and Ulta
2.Aubrey Organics – more expensive, harder to find

1.Suave Naturals in Coconut
2.Herbal Essence Hello Hydration – blue container
3.Herbal Essence Totally Twisted – purple container
4.V05 Moisture Milks – all flavors are cool
5.Giovanni Deep Moisture Conditioner – more expensive than the rest, can be found at Target and Ulta

(I don’t really use leave-ins but, a few decent conditioners are…)
1.Giovanni Deep Moisture Leave In – found at Target, more expensive
2.Garnier Fructise Leave In
3.Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I use this as my leave-in, its perfect for to get soft moisturized hair

Great “Grease”
1.Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil – costs about $4 at Maxway, CVS, and just about anywhere else
2.Shea Butter mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – microwave it to mix it, shea butter is sold at the wig markets for about $3

A Few Instructions:
1.Co-Wash (wash with conditioner) at least once a week.
2.Deep condition with the conditioner after co-washing—put a plastic cap/bag on the hair for about 15 minutes then wash out
3.Put braids or twists in hair after washing it (this is for when its longer) to prevent tangles
4.Shampoo with one of the listed shampoos at least once a month
5.Seal the hair ends (when it gets longer) about everyday
6.Stay away from anything that may pull or put pressure on the hair
7.You NEED a satin bonnet to prevent the hair breaking
8.Oil the scalp with natural oils or the HB Castor Oil
9.Do NOT buy any products that have these words in the ingredients: Pretrolatum/Pretroleum, Mineral Oil, Sulfate
10.Do NOT get any of these treatments – Texturizers, S-Curl, Baking Soda Treatments, Kiddie Perms (These are NOT natural products and will damage your hair.)

** Please Note: Do NOT buy every product listed. Choose one from each section.**

I Am This Type of Natural...

Lately, I've seen more naturals looking for a "new look". A "new look" usually means straightening the hair (temporarily) or coloring the hair. I am the type of natural who embraces my naturalness fully. To me this means that I don't feel the need to straighten my hair. I don't feel the need to color my hair with harsh chemicals. (At one time, I was contemplating coloring my hair with henna, but henna has a tendency to dry out the hair. So, I decided to not go for this.) If I want to try a "new look" I simply try a new natural hairstyle.

Natural hair is SO diverse! There is a wide variety of hairstyles we can do on our hair such as: twists, twist updos, twist-outs, flat twists, simple afro, individual braids, braid updos, braid-outs, braid/twist-outs, wash n gos, cornrows, and so much more. I have not even began to try all of these styles, but I do plan on it someday.

I say all this because I define myself as the type of natural who embraces the natural beauty of my hair. I am filled with joy that I can appreciate my natural beauty. It is a beautiful thing. I can't see myself ever putting a flat iron or blow dryer to it just for the sake of straight hair. I have experienced straight hair and I am so over it. I am not condemning any naturals that choose to straighten or color their hair because we all have a right to change. As for me, I choose to no longer conform my hair for any reason.

Is Natural Hair Too Much Work???

Recently, I was on Naturally Leslie's blog and she asked the question: Is natural hair too much work? The reason she posed this question is because she saw this young lady on Youtube who went natural and then she relaxed her hair. Too each its own, right?

However, I decided to go to the link of the Youtuber who decided to relax her hair after being natural. I was curious about her reason for going back to straightened hair. Some of the reasons she cited were: (1)she was tired of looking busted (2)she did not like the Buckwheat look (3)she did not like the length that it was at (4)she felt it was too much work. I felt that the reason she went back to the relaxer so quickly is because she didn't change her mindset. Being natural isn't just about changing our hair. Its about accepting the beauty that was given to us naturally from God.

The argument that natural hair is too much work is just crazy to me. Some people would rather put damaging chemicals on their hair than work with the natural hair to maintain its health. Also, I was relaxed for about 10 years and I remember the work that went into relaxed hair.

This is an idea of my regimen while relaxed:
1. Relax the hair every 4-6 weeks.
2. Do not scratch the scalp before applying a relaxer.
3. Apply petroleum around the perimeter of the hair to prevent scalp burns.
4. Scalp burns still occured and they were annoying as all get out!!
5. Blow dry the hair.
6. Flat iron the hair--section by section. Apply oil sheen generously before flat ironing.
7. Wrap the hair using a wrapping lotion. Wrap the hair every night to maintain the style.
8. After about 2-3 days, I would flat iron the hair again. I know some of my relaxed friends would flat iron the hair everyday. Even then, I couldn't fathom this much heat damage.
9. Get the hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks because split ends occured like crazy and they were very noticeable with relaxed hair.
10. After about 2 weeks my curly roots would begin to come back in. I would hide this by either flat ironing the hair to the root until I felt that singe of heat. Or I would apply gel and where it in a pony tail. Or I would roller set my hair and sit under a dryer for 1-2 hours.
11. I only washed my hair once a month because I didn't want my relaxer to wear out.
12. Despite, doing all of this I still experienced breakage. To cover this up, I would get my hair cut every now and then.

To some, this may not seem like a complex routine, but I began to loathe it. I began to dread the re-touch of the relaxer that occured every 4-6 weeks. My last years of relaxed hair, I would only get it re-touched about every 3 months. I could never obtain length while having relaxed hair. The longest my hair would get would be to my shoulders. My natural hair is this length now when I stretch it--and this has occured after a little over a year.

In the end, maybe some people don't like the idea of co-washing the hair weekly, or using oils to maintain moisture, or wearing protective styles, and other such methods. However, I will take my natural regimen any day over my relaxed regimen. I accept my natural hair because it is me. I accept my natural hair because it is healthy. I accept my natural hair because it is a gift from God. I accept my natural hair because it is beautiful. Therefore, I can't ever fathom my natural hair being too much work. My relaxed days...I am so glad I'm over this.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Natural Blast from the Past: Lauryn Hill

Ok, so I know that Lauryn Hill is not that long ago. But, I decided to put her in the Natural Blast from the Past because she used to rock locs during the climax of her career. Simply put, Lauryn Hill is beautiful woman. In middle school, I thought her locs were out of this world. They were so beautiful! She doesn't have the locs anymore, but everyone has the right to change.

Every stage of her locing process was so pretty. If I ever decide to loc up my hair, I can only hope that I rock them as beautifully as she has.

Wish List: "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh

I will be adding a new segment to this blog and it will be my "Wish List". When most of us become natural, we have an interest in different products, tools, books, etc. that relate to our hair.

Number one on my wish list is the book "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh. I have implemented one of her methods--leaving in regular conditioner--and I do love it. My sister, Auset, has the book so I have browsed it. I want to try more of her methodologies and see how it works for my hair. Since my sister has gone back to school, I must now purchase my personal copy. I do adore this book and I will work it into my budget for a future purchase.

Once I have this book in my possession, I will be sure to provide a full review of it and the different methods that I have tried for my hair. It will probably be a continuous update.

Ms. LaFlesh has a GREAT website that can give you an idea of her success with her hair, her main products, her hair routine, and so much more. Check it out HERE.

How Many Products Do You Use Daily???

When I first began my interest in natural hair, I heard of the term "Product Junkie" or "PJism". I understood where these ladies were coming from and I thought that I would suffer from PJism once I was fully natural. Not.

The reason why I don't suffer from being a product junkie is because I know what works for my hair. I stick to my oils, my conditioners, my holding gels, and my one shampoo (Giovanni). I think I also have a limited supply of products because I am a thrifty chick. I just don't buy products just because. And when I do contemplate a new purchase, I do excessive research on it. However, I do walk down the product aisle every time I'm in my local Walmart, Target, or CVS:-)

I'm not saying that I have not bought products that I do not like because I have. For instance, I am not a big fan of my Cantu Shea leave-in conditioner. Actually, I am not a fan of any of my leave-ins, which includes my Giovanni and Garnier.

Now...How many products do I use dailey???
Sunday - (1)conditioner or shampoo(2)essential oils for scalp (3)EVOO for hair
Monday - (1)shea butter/EVOO mixture for ends
Tuesday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair
Friday - nothing
Saturday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair

As you can see I use a total of 0-3 products daily. Every blue moon, I may dry twist my hair and when I do I may use one of my gels--Jamaican Mango Lime or the Fantasia Olive Gel. I am glad that I do not suffer from PJ-ism because if I overload my hair with too many products how will I know what works for it and what doesn't?? And who knows this number may change because it seems as if I adjust my regimen every few weeks:-/

So, how many products do you use daily??

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Staple Product: Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Conditioner

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of buying cheapie conditioners. I am an avid co-washer and it is imperative that I am always stocked with my conditioners. I have a few of my staple cheapie conditioners and I am usually reluctant to try new types. However, my sister Auset, is an avid buyer of conditioners and she bought me this Herbal Essence Totally Twisted (it was a 2 for $5 special).

I must admit that I simply adore this conditioner and it will be added to my list of conditioners that I regularly buy.

These are the pros of this product:
1. It has a thick and creamy consistency.
2. It leaves the hair with a nice sheen.
3. It is great for leaving in because it gives a nice hold without being hard.
4. It is made specifically for hair that has curls and waves (my twist-out is super defined today).
5. The smell is just divine. It consists of lavender and jade.

The cons of this product:
1. Because the texture is thick and creamy it will leave some white residue on the hair. However, I alleviate this by applying my olive oil after my hair is fully dry. (This may not be a con for most people because they may wash their conditioner out, but I leave it in my hair.)

Below is the result of my hair from using this conditioner as a leave-in.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Naturals in Advertisement: Kodak

I found this Kodak advertisement while browsing the internet. There are three curlies in this ad and a wavy! I adore the diversity of this shot. I feel this may be due to the ad focusing on the ability to capture all skin tones. Everyone in this ad is highlighting the natural beauty and tresses. It is wonderful to see these major companies embracing all types of beauty:-)

"Curly Like Me" Method by Teri LaFlesh

Recently, my sister Auset, bought a book entitled "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh. This is a really good book and I plan on purchasing my own copy in the future. Especially, since she will be going back to school soon.

In the book Teri suggested leaving regular conditioner in the hair after washing it because it will provide many benefits. These benefits include the following: (1)allows for easier detangling (2)weighs the hair down (3)helps to decrease the amount of frizz in the hair (4)if the conditioner has silicones it helps to give a protective layer over the hair and (5)it gives soft hair.

I must admit that I was VERY hesitant to leave conditioner in my hair. I was scared because most conditioners clearly say to wash after leaving on for some minutes. However, I realized I clearly break the rules when it comes to washing my hair with conditioner (co-washing). So, why not try something new. I also decided to try it my second week of vacation just in case I did not like it.

In three words...I LOVED IT!

This is my method for applying the conditioner:
1. She suggested dividing the hair in two section and applying a handful amount of conditioner to each section. Because my hair is shorter than hers, I divided my hair in four sections. I squeezed a large amount of conditioner into my hands for each section.
2. She suggested to NOT try to work the conditioner into each strand. Instead, she said I should act as if I'm conditioning a sweater. I did this exactly for each section. And sure enough, my hair was thoroughly conditioned.
3. After working with a section, I clamped my hair out of the way with my clamps.
4. After all sections were conditioned, I went back to the first section and began to twist my hair. I promise you that I twisted my hair SO fast because of the slip the conditioner provided!
**I first co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. I used the Suave Naturals in Coconut conditioner for the leave-in.

And it should definitely be noted that the amount of shedding was such a small amount. I don't usually have a lot of shedding, but this method GREATLY decreased the amount of shedding I had.

The next morning, I oiled my hair with olive oil while the twists were still in. I then oiled my scalp with my essential oils that I buy from a local supplier. Lastly, I sealed my ends with my shea butter/olive oil mixture while taking the twists down. My twist out was defined, shiny, very soft, and beautiful! This method is known for accentuating the natural curl pattern of the hair.

Please Note the following:
1. The hair will not dry as fast when leaving the conditioner in. So, allow ample time for the hair to thoroughly dry.
2. There will be a white residue on the hair, but this will leave once the hair is fully dry and oiled.
3. There is no need for a gel for the twist outs because the conditioner provides adequate hold. It is essential to avoid build-up. (Though, this routine will be added to my regimen I don't plan on throwing out my hair gels.)

Below are the results of my twist-out using this method: This is Day 1 hair.
This is Day 3 hair.

Part II coming later, which will detail how I implement the method...

Protective Styles

I apologize for the serious lack of posting this past week. I was on vacation and didn't have much to talk about. My first week of vacation I wore my hair in a protective style--the twist updo.

Protective styling is a friend to us naturals. I absolutely adore them! My main reason for loving it is that I don't have to do any manipulation whatsoever on my hair. One of my favorite bloggers, Naturally Leslie, is a great advocate of protective styles. She has the most beautiful protective styles.

These are the benefits of protective styling:
1. They keep the hair ends protected from wind, sun, and friction.
2. The lock in moisture
3. They prevent split ends and breakage.
4. They allow for no manipulation which helps to prevent breakage from combing.
Source: Black Women Beauty Central (2010)

Below is a pic of my fave protective style (this is an idea of how I wore my hair last week).
Some examples of protective styles that I like are:
1. Head wraps (I will provide a post later on my headwraps)
2. Twists--hanging or pinned up
3. Cornrows
4. Flat Twists
5. Individual Braids
6. Tams/Slouchy Hats (I usually have the hair twisted/braided underneath)

Please Note: I must also give a word of caution when it comes to protective styles that involve bobby pins. When taking the bobby pins out make sure to slide them gently from the hair. If bobby pins are pulled to quickly they may rip the ends of the hair. I am very careful with bobby pins and because of this I have no hair caught in them.