Thursday, August 12, 2010

Protective Styles

I apologize for the serious lack of posting this past week. I was on vacation and didn't have much to talk about. My first week of vacation I wore my hair in a protective style--the twist updo.

Protective styling is a friend to us naturals. I absolutely adore them! My main reason for loving it is that I don't have to do any manipulation whatsoever on my hair. One of my favorite bloggers, Naturally Leslie, is a great advocate of protective styles. She has the most beautiful protective styles.

These are the benefits of protective styling:
1. They keep the hair ends protected from wind, sun, and friction.
2. The lock in moisture
3. They prevent split ends and breakage.
4. They allow for no manipulation which helps to prevent breakage from combing.
Source: Black Women Beauty Central (2010)

Below is a pic of my fave protective style (this is an idea of how I wore my hair last week).
Some examples of protective styles that I like are:
1. Head wraps (I will provide a post later on my headwraps)
2. Twists--hanging or pinned up
3. Cornrows
4. Flat Twists
5. Individual Braids
6. Tams/Slouchy Hats (I usually have the hair twisted/braided underneath)

Please Note: I must also give a word of caution when it comes to protective styles that involve bobby pins. When taking the bobby pins out make sure to slide them gently from the hair. If bobby pins are pulled to quickly they may rip the ends of the hair. I am very careful with bobby pins and because of this I have no hair caught in them.

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