Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natural Inspiration: Toni Morrison

First off, she is such a great and talented author!! I own quite a few of her books--Song of Solomon, Sula, the Bluest Eye, Beloved. I just read her novels and I'm in awe. She truly is a literary genius! I often wonder how she does it.

Now that I've gone on and on about her great work let me now focus on her hair. Ms. Morrison is a beautiful woman who has aged so gracefully. I love that she wears her hair naturally and with such poise. Her locs are usually in a beautiful low updo that just fits her perfectly. I also like that she proudly wears her hair in its naturally gray color. A lot of women choose to continue to color their hair to cover their grays, which is fine for them. Yet, Ms. Morrison just looks beautiful with her natural tresses and her natural color.

Toni Morrison is definitely an inspiration for her literary works and for her natural hair.


  1. Yes Toni Morrison is beautiful and an amazing African-American Writer. What's your favorite novel by her? I'm currently reading Jazz and Beloved right now but The Bluest Eye is awe-inspiring..

  2. I would probably say the Bluest Eye. First off, that first chapter is literary genius at its best. I love the repetition and how she really captured the readers. I think, if only I had that talent! And I don't have Jazz. I will check that out.