Friday, August 27, 2010

Get the "Natural" Look in a Minute: "Natural" Wigs

So, I have noticed that there is a new phenomenon out there. This phenomenon is the "natural" wig. There are a lot of wig companies now offering the look of natural hair through natural wigs. I mean they have wigs ranging from locs, to big afros, to twist outs, and so much more.

Yet, I can't really say that this is a new phenomenon. It is actually a repeat of history. Back in the '70s when the afro was at the top of its popularity, there was a large availability of afro wigs. I was looking at a Malcolm X documentary and they were showing people selling afro wigs on the side of the street.

So, what's my take on it? As for me, I like the experience of learning about my hair and going natural with my natural hair. It is a rewarding and learning experience. I have learned--and am still learning--about the care of natural hair. I am learning what works and what doesn't work. I hope that with this vast knowlege I am gaining that I may be a help to others. When I have children one day I want to teach them to appreciate and care for their natural beauty given to them by God. However, I can also understand that sometimes individuals choose to wear wigs due to hair loss. Hair loss can be a result of an illness, chemicals that permanently damaged the hair, and other serious factors. So, these individuals may want to wear a wig to cover this problem. And it is nice that they have natural wigs available now. At one point, they would have had to settle for some silky straight wig or a silky curly wig. But it is imperative that we must not be ashamed of our hair. I know some people will wear a natural wig, yet still relax their hair under the wig. This just srikes me as odd.

In the end, I don't think I will be purchasing these wigs--or any wig--any time soon. Yet, this shows me that natural hair is growing in its popularity. Because they are offering such a vast amount of natural wigs, it shows me that people are beginning to accept the beauty of natural hair.

So, what's your thoughts on "natural" wigs???


  1. I kinda want the loc wig, I ain't gone lie:-)

  2. Where can you buy these wigs?

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