Friday, August 20, 2010

Part 3: Oh The Crazy Things People Say

So, today I was attending a conference at my old job--I used to work at a hotel as sales coordinator--and I decided to stop by the offices to see if any of my past co-workers were there. I left that job in October of 2008 so I had a relaxer my entire time there--about 4 years. I understand that most people in this environment were used to me wearing my hair straight; therefore, I expected some comments on my natural tresses.

I first saw my past supervisor and we exchanged general greetings. She looked at my hair and said, "I see you have your natural hair. So, when are you going to straighten it?". I replied, "I don't plan on ever straightening my hair again." She then said, "Oh ok. I just can't get used to your hair like this. I'm used to your straight hair. It's not you." I simply pasted a pleasant smile on my face.

My past co-worker who was standing next to her was like, "Well, I mean I like the natural hair. But, I like your straight hair better." I kept the smile pasted.

Now here are my thoughts: Its funny how people will make comments about how my natural hair is "not me". Actually, this is me because this was the way I was originally made. Now, the relaxed hair was in reality "not me" because it was not natural. I can't say that I was angry/annoyed/hurt by these comments because I could really care less. I know that I love my hair and so, I'm not seeking praise from others in regards to my hair. At the end of the day, its their opinion. And I have my own opinion.

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