Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Curly Like Me" Method by Teri LaFlesh

Recently, my sister Auset, bought a book entitled "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh. This is a really good book and I plan on purchasing my own copy in the future. Especially, since she will be going back to school soon.

In the book Teri suggested leaving regular conditioner in the hair after washing it because it will provide many benefits. These benefits include the following: (1)allows for easier detangling (2)weighs the hair down (3)helps to decrease the amount of frizz in the hair (4)if the conditioner has silicones it helps to give a protective layer over the hair and (5)it gives soft hair.

I must admit that I was VERY hesitant to leave conditioner in my hair. I was scared because most conditioners clearly say to wash after leaving on for some minutes. However, I realized I clearly break the rules when it comes to washing my hair with conditioner (co-washing). So, why not try something new. I also decided to try it my second week of vacation just in case I did not like it.

In three words...I LOVED IT!

This is my method for applying the conditioner:
1. She suggested dividing the hair in two section and applying a handful amount of conditioner to each section. Because my hair is shorter than hers, I divided my hair in four sections. I squeezed a large amount of conditioner into my hands for each section.
2. She suggested to NOT try to work the conditioner into each strand. Instead, she said I should act as if I'm conditioning a sweater. I did this exactly for each section. And sure enough, my hair was thoroughly conditioned.
3. After working with a section, I clamped my hair out of the way with my clamps.
4. After all sections were conditioned, I went back to the first section and began to twist my hair. I promise you that I twisted my hair SO fast because of the slip the conditioner provided!
**I first co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. I used the Suave Naturals in Coconut conditioner for the leave-in.

And it should definitely be noted that the amount of shedding was such a small amount. I don't usually have a lot of shedding, but this method GREATLY decreased the amount of shedding I had.

The next morning, I oiled my hair with olive oil while the twists were still in. I then oiled my scalp with my essential oils that I buy from a local supplier. Lastly, I sealed my ends with my shea butter/olive oil mixture while taking the twists down. My twist out was defined, shiny, very soft, and beautiful! This method is known for accentuating the natural curl pattern of the hair.

Please Note the following:
1. The hair will not dry as fast when leaving the conditioner in. So, allow ample time for the hair to thoroughly dry.
2. There will be a white residue on the hair, but this will leave once the hair is fully dry and oiled.
3. There is no need for a gel for the twist outs because the conditioner provides adequate hold. It is essential to avoid build-up. (Though, this routine will be added to my regimen I don't plan on throwing out my hair gels.)

Below are the results of my twist-out using this method: This is Day 1 hair.
This is Day 3 hair.

Part II coming later, which will detail how I implement the method...

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