Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wish List: "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh

I will be adding a new segment to this blog and it will be my "Wish List". When most of us become natural, we have an interest in different products, tools, books, etc. that relate to our hair.

Number one on my wish list is the book "Curly Like Me" by Teri LaFlesh. I have implemented one of her methods--leaving in regular conditioner--and I do love it. My sister, Auset, has the book so I have browsed it. I want to try more of her methodologies and see how it works for my hair. Since my sister has gone back to school, I must now purchase my personal copy. I do adore this book and I will work it into my budget for a future purchase.

Once I have this book in my possession, I will be sure to provide a full review of it and the different methods that I have tried for my hair. It will probably be a continuous update.

Ms. LaFlesh has a GREAT website that can give you an idea of her success with her hair, her main products, her hair routine, and so much more. Check it out HERE.

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