Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair Accessories...They Can Jazz Up Your Look

If you ever feel yourself getting bored with your natural hair, I have a suggestion. Try hair accessories. Hair accessories can immediately change up your look while at the same accentuating your natural 'do.

I don't wear accessories avidly, however; I do appreciate how they can change up a look. My main accessories that I have are: (1)crochet flowers that I make (2)various satin flowers (2)my flowered headbands (3)crochet tams (slouchy hats) that I make (4)my jeweled bobby pins that I bought from various locations (5)headwraps that I wrap upward or downward (6)my various earrings.

Usually, when I am trying something different I will play around with various flowers in my twist outs. I also like putting my flowered headbands in with my afro. However, I think my FAVE accessory will have to the crochet tam. I like the tams because they give me a chic yet, earthy look. Sometimes I will use the tam to cover my full head. Other times, I will either cornrow or twist my hair and have it peek from the tam. My accessory that I make sure to don everywhere I go are my earrings. I LOVE how earrings are so girly and feminine. I have pairs that range from small studs, to hoops, to unique dangling earrings.

Below are some pictures of my various accessories. This is a crochet flower that my sis, Alison, made. I love those wooden earrings from Claire's.
I made this tam and the accompanying flower.
I tried this crochet flower in my afro and I loved it!
This is 3 yards of fabric that I bought from Walmart. I usually don headwraps on weekends.


  1. OMG!!!!! U have such beautiful hair!!! cornrowed or natural it is just amazing.

    -susan w. - mississippi

  2. Thank you so much, Susan! I appreciate it:-)