Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Many Products Do You Use Daily???

When I first began my interest in natural hair, I heard of the term "Product Junkie" or "PJism". I understood where these ladies were coming from and I thought that I would suffer from PJism once I was fully natural. Not.

The reason why I don't suffer from being a product junkie is because I know what works for my hair. I stick to my oils, my conditioners, my holding gels, and my one shampoo (Giovanni). I think I also have a limited supply of products because I am a thrifty chick. I just don't buy products just because. And when I do contemplate a new purchase, I do excessive research on it. However, I do walk down the product aisle every time I'm in my local Walmart, Target, or CVS:-)

I'm not saying that I have not bought products that I do not like because I have. For instance, I am not a big fan of my Cantu Shea leave-in conditioner. Actually, I am not a fan of any of my leave-ins, which includes my Giovanni and Garnier.

Now...How many products do I use dailey???
Sunday - (1)conditioner or shampoo(2)essential oils for scalp (3)EVOO for hair
Monday - (1)shea butter/EVOO mixture for ends
Tuesday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair
Friday - nothing
Saturday - (1)essential oils for scalp (2)EVOO for hair

As you can see I use a total of 0-3 products daily. Every blue moon, I may dry twist my hair and when I do I may use one of my gels--Jamaican Mango Lime or the Fantasia Olive Gel. I am glad that I do not suffer from PJ-ism because if I overload my hair with too many products how will I know what works for it and what doesn't?? And who knows this number may change because it seems as if I adjust my regimen every few weeks:-/

So, how many products do you use daily??

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