Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Natural Men: Eric Benet

What a beautiful voice Eric Benet has!! My fave song by him is "Love of My Own" (go check it out). He is truly a talented and gorgeous man!

Now, let me focus on his hair. Eric's hair has always been gorgeous to me. I loved his locs, his free-formed afro, and his textured crop look. It just seems like any style works on him (Kinda like Maxwell, even though I'm more partial to Maxwell. LOL). Overall, he is truly an attractive man and these styles truly work for him.

I love to see men show off the natural texture of their hair. It is a beautiful thing. I must say that close-cropped haircuts look great too but, I am partial to men that show of the natural beauty of their hair. It is for this reason, that Eric Benet is featured because he shows off the glory of his hair is various styles.


  1. Love Of My Own is my fav song by him also. He was one of the few to encourage me to grow dreads.

  2. That is my FAVE song by him too!!!