Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Am This Type of Natural...

Lately, I've seen more naturals looking for a "new look". A "new look" usually means straightening the hair (temporarily) or coloring the hair. I am the type of natural who embraces my naturalness fully. To me this means that I don't feel the need to straighten my hair. I don't feel the need to color my hair with harsh chemicals. (At one time, I was contemplating coloring my hair with henna, but henna has a tendency to dry out the hair. So, I decided to not go for this.) If I want to try a "new look" I simply try a new natural hairstyle.

Natural hair is SO diverse! There is a wide variety of hairstyles we can do on our hair such as: twists, twist updos, twist-outs, flat twists, simple afro, individual braids, braid updos, braid-outs, braid/twist-outs, wash n gos, cornrows, and so much more. I have not even began to try all of these styles, but I do plan on it someday.

I say all this because I define myself as the type of natural who embraces the natural beauty of my hair. I am filled with joy that I can appreciate my natural beauty. It is a beautiful thing. I can't see myself ever putting a flat iron or blow dryer to it just for the sake of straight hair. I have experienced straight hair and I am so over it. I am not condemning any naturals that choose to straighten or color their hair because we all have a right to change. As for me, I choose to no longer conform my hair for any reason.

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