Wednesday, August 18, 2010

List of Products to Care for Natural Hair

When my sister, Joy, first went natural. She had many questions about the type of products she should use and what not. I'm not sure if she has followed my advice because she insists on using that Blue Magic (how I hate that stuff). However, I feel this list would be really beneficial to others so that they may have an idea of what they should use for their natural hair. And how they should use it.

How to Care for Natural Hair

1.Extra Virgin Olive Oil – this will give you shine, moisture, and softness
2.Coconut Oil – this will give you moisture, softness, and great nutrients
3.Grapeseed Oil – Great for hair growth—but this oil will run into your face.

1.Giovanni Deep Moisture – found at Target and Ulta
2.Aubrey Organics – more expensive, harder to find

1.Suave Naturals in Coconut
2.Herbal Essence Hello Hydration – blue container
3.Herbal Essence Totally Twisted – purple container
4.V05 Moisture Milks – all flavors are cool
5.Giovanni Deep Moisture Conditioner – more expensive than the rest, can be found at Target and Ulta

(I don’t really use leave-ins but, a few decent conditioners are…)
1.Giovanni Deep Moisture Leave In – found at Target, more expensive
2.Garnier Fructise Leave In
3.Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I use this as my leave-in, its perfect for to get soft moisturized hair

Great “Grease”
1.Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil – costs about $4 at Maxway, CVS, and just about anywhere else
2.Shea Butter mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – microwave it to mix it, shea butter is sold at the wig markets for about $3

A Few Instructions:
1.Co-Wash (wash with conditioner) at least once a week.
2.Deep condition with the conditioner after co-washing—put a plastic cap/bag on the hair for about 15 minutes then wash out
3.Put braids or twists in hair after washing it (this is for when its longer) to prevent tangles
4.Shampoo with one of the listed shampoos at least once a month
5.Seal the hair ends (when it gets longer) about everyday
6.Stay away from anything that may pull or put pressure on the hair
7.You NEED a satin bonnet to prevent the hair breaking
8.Oil the scalp with natural oils or the HB Castor Oil
9.Do NOT buy any products that have these words in the ingredients: Pretrolatum/Pretroleum, Mineral Oil, Sulfate
10.Do NOT get any of these treatments – Texturizers, S-Curl, Baking Soda Treatments, Kiddie Perms (These are NOT natural products and will damage your hair.)

** Please Note: Do NOT buy every product listed. Choose one from each section.**


  1. Thank You. I am so glad I found your blog..amazing..!

  2. You're welcome, Emme! And I am so glad that my blog is helping you.