Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Linkage: It's Time to Rethink that Afro

So, I have stated in the past that I adore wearing my afro. However, I have also admitted that the afro is not the best style for everyday. My reasoning was that I had too many tanges and that picking it out caused excess breakage.

Imagine my delight when I noticed that Jc of "The Natural Haven" discussed the disadvantages associated with wearing the afro consistently. I'm not saying you should completely eliminate the afro from your hairstyle. Yet, it is best to wear this style for a very limited time like 1-2 days.

Check out her detailed and historical advice concerning the afro HERE. She provided some very useful knowledge.

Also, Jc has a great blog! She provides information on natural hair from a scientific standpoint. Very informative!


  1. How timely! Thank you! I always wear my hair in my afro but I guess its time to do the twisties.

  2. Yeah, I go for twist-outs most of the time. And one thing about the twist-out is that by Day 5 or 6 the hair will rise and look similar (though not completely) to an afro.