Monday, August 29, 2011

New Detangling Method

So, I have implemented a new detangling method. I no longer use MopTop Maven's dry/damp detangling method. I have now implemented this new method and I have had much success. And it is oh-so-simple!!

I finger detangle.

Yep. That's it. I simply run my fingers down my strands of hair. I then gather the shed hairs that come out initially. While running my fingers down the strands of my hair I look out for any extremely tangled strands. I then grab those strands and then, detangle those.

Once I complete my finger detangling, I then individually braid my hair in large braids and prepare for wash. I now wash my hair with the braids still in.

My thoughts: I love this method! I have cut down on my detangling sessions. I have been experiencing less shed hair. It's so much simpler. And it makes my washing sessions go by so much faster.

I started using this method because even though the damp/dry method was faster than wet detangling, it was still time consuming. I would find myself dreading detangling/wash day. But, life is so much simpler now ;-)

I will be posting a video in the future using this method...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Staple Item: Nail File

I know this is not a hair tool but, if you have natural hair it is a necessary tool. I keep a nail file in the same area with my hair products/tools.

So, why is a nail file necessary? Needless to say, if our nails aren't completely smooth all around then, there is potential for our hair to snag on our nails. Snagged hair means unnecessary breakage. As for me, I do style my hair and detangle with my fingers so, it is imperative that my hair is not being damaged by being caught in my nails. Many times, I don't even know that I have splits in my nails until I do my hair. It is then that I break out my trusty nail file and smooth and buff that nail.

So, give yourself a good manicure or get one done professionally. Because in the end, you're ultimately protecting your hair.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank You!!

I just would like to take this time to say THANK YOU to all my followers. I am now at a 100 followers! I know people say this all the time but, I never expected to get even that many. I remember about a year ago starting this blog to track my natural hair journey. I asked my sisters to follow and I even remember my first follower.

Well, its been over a year and I am still enjoying it. The past few months have not been easy to update but, I still try to make sure I continue to update.

Again, thank you for following my blog. It really means a lot to me :-)

Let Me Know: I would like to ask for any suggestions for future posts, videos, features, questions, and so much more that you feel would add to the blog. Please let me know in the comments below.

And This Is Why I Don't Trust Salons...

This morning while at work a fellow natural associate of mine came in my office. I noticed her hair looked a little off but, I didn't say anything to her about it. She later on volunteered the information to me.

She said she went to the salon in Walmart to get a texturizer. She feels her hair is very kinky and that she needed to loosen her curl pattern and make the curls pop more. This was her first time going to this salon.

During the process, she noticed that the application smelled like a perm. However, she has been natural for 2 years and thought that maybe she was just trippin. But, when she looked in the mirror she noticed her hair was bone straight. She asked the stylist about this but, she said she didn't finish the process. She then set her hair on rods to put curls in it.

Conclusion: Her hair is now straight. The application--whether it was a relaxer or texturizer--straightened her hair completely. She did complain to the headquarters and she has plans to grow her hair out again. She was so distraught and cried all night. I am truly sorry this happened to her.

My thoughts: I don't trust salons. Most don't know how to work with natural hair. So, I do my own hair. Also, I have learned that its best to just accept your natural texture because these "recipes" for loosening the hair texture usually end in disaster.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Today: Pinned Up

I haven't been doing much to my hair lately because I have been so busy. I simply put my hair in twists and when I get tired of those twists then, I take them out and so a pin-up. I haven't been that creative with my pin-up either. I just do the roll and tuck method.

I have been so busy lately trying to pack up and move that my hair has really kind of been given the back burner. I plan on detangling this hair and washing it sometime this week. Still not sure when...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hair Inspiration: Sabrina Alashi

Actress, Sabrina Alashi, is stunning. Her hair, her smile, her skin, her eyes. She has like the total package. But, I am in awe of her hair. It's like she has the perfect hair cut and it fits her face beautifully.

Sabrina is currently part of the cast of Afro City, a web-based show. The fictional show focuses on four natural friends and their lives. You can check out their website {HERE}.

Sabrina did rock long natural hair at one time as you can see in the pic below. And though I feel she looks good with the long natural, I feel the short natural really brings out her natural beauty even more so.

Hair Today: Large-Sized Twist Updo

So, my hair was in dire need of a good washing. Yesterday, I shampooed with Giovanni Deeper Moisture shampoo, I then co-washed with Suave Professionals in Almond, I then followed that up with an oil rinse of castor oil and EVOO, I then deep conditioned for about 30 mintues with the V05 Tea Therapy, and I then styled my hair.

All week, I have been yearning to try this hairstyle on MeechyMonroe's site. I think she looks simply elegant and gorgeous with this look. So, I have been feening to try out this style. I must admit my first three attempts (from memory) for trying out this style sucked. I realized that I could no longer do my twist updos how I did them with shorter hair. So, I had to get on her site and read the directions for the style. Then, the updo came out pretty nice. I like this. And I absolutely adore large twists.