Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hair Today: Large-Sized Twist Updo

So, my hair was in dire need of a good washing. Yesterday, I shampooed with Giovanni Deeper Moisture shampoo, I then co-washed with Suave Professionals in Almond, I then followed that up with an oil rinse of castor oil and EVOO, I then deep conditioned for about 30 mintues with the V05 Tea Therapy, and I then styled my hair.

All week, I have been yearning to try this hairstyle on MeechyMonroe's site. I think she looks simply elegant and gorgeous with this look. So, I have been feening to try out this style. I must admit my first three attempts (from memory) for trying out this style sucked. I realized that I could no longer do my twist updos how I did them with shorter hair. So, I had to get on her site and read the directions for the style. Then, the updo came out pretty nice. I like this. And I absolutely adore large twists.