Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Staple Item: Nail File

I know this is not a hair tool but, if you have natural hair it is a necessary tool. I keep a nail file in the same area with my hair products/tools.

So, why is a nail file necessary? Needless to say, if our nails aren't completely smooth all around then, there is potential for our hair to snag on our nails. Snagged hair means unnecessary breakage. As for me, I do style my hair and detangle with my fingers so, it is imperative that my hair is not being damaged by being caught in my nails. Many times, I don't even know that I have splits in my nails until I do my hair. It is then that I break out my trusty nail file and smooth and buff that nail.

So, give yourself a good manicure or get one done professionally. Because in the end, you're ultimately protecting your hair.

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