Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And This Is Why I Don't Trust Salons...

This morning while at work a fellow natural associate of mine came in my office. I noticed her hair looked a little off but, I didn't say anything to her about it. She later on volunteered the information to me.

She said she went to the salon in Walmart to get a texturizer. She feels her hair is very kinky and that she needed to loosen her curl pattern and make the curls pop more. This was her first time going to this salon.

During the process, she noticed that the application smelled like a perm. However, she has been natural for 2 years and thought that maybe she was just trippin. But, when she looked in the mirror she noticed her hair was bone straight. She asked the stylist about this but, she said she didn't finish the process. She then set her hair on rods to put curls in it.

Conclusion: Her hair is now straight. The application--whether it was a relaxer or texturizer--straightened her hair completely. She did complain to the headquarters and she has plans to grow her hair out again. She was so distraught and cried all night. I am truly sorry this happened to her.

My thoughts: I don't trust salons. Most don't know how to work with natural hair. So, I do my own hair. Also, I have learned that its best to just accept your natural texture because these "recipes" for loosening the hair texture usually end in disaster.


  1. That's crazy. I found a natural hair dresser, actually two. I only use them on special occasions, and trims.

  2. Exactly, I have yet to find a natural stylist that I can trust. It truly is a blessing to find one--and you've found two!! Maybe one day I will find a stylist that I trust with my hair.

  3. I would sue. I've heard of this happening before but cmon, thats beyond rude. I would SUE SUE SUE. She was natural she didn't ask for that. And now she has to wait two more years? Thats SO wrong.

  4. @The College Barbie - IKR! I've heard of similar stories also and this is just horrible. This is the first time I heard this story from someone I know.

  5. That is very sad. I would be devastated. We just have to learn to love our curls and kinks, no matter how tight.

  6. @Laneshe - So would I. And I completely agree.