Monday, August 29, 2011

New Detangling Method

So, I have implemented a new detangling method. I no longer use MopTop Maven's dry/damp detangling method. I have now implemented this new method and I have had much success. And it is oh-so-simple!!

I finger detangle.

Yep. That's it. I simply run my fingers down my strands of hair. I then gather the shed hairs that come out initially. While running my fingers down the strands of my hair I look out for any extremely tangled strands. I then grab those strands and then, detangle those.

Once I complete my finger detangling, I then individually braid my hair in large braids and prepare for wash. I now wash my hair with the braids still in.

My thoughts: I love this method! I have cut down on my detangling sessions. I have been experiencing less shed hair. It's so much simpler. And it makes my washing sessions go by so much faster.

I started using this method because even though the damp/dry method was faster than wet detangling, it was still time consuming. I would find myself dreading detangling/wash day. But, life is so much simpler now ;-)

I will be posting a video in the future using this method...


  1. Finger detangling is the best!! So not time consuming and less harsh! Glad you found a new method that works better for your hair :D