Friday, July 22, 2011

My Hair Dries So Easily and Dry Hair Equals Breakage

I think I pretty much know my hair now after being in this journey for over a year. And one thing I learned about my hair is that it dries pretty easily. And gets dry even more so when my hair is out.

As I was detangling yesterday, I noticed some short breakage pieces. Of course, we know that short pieces of hair is not good. So, I think I'm going to do a protein treatment with coconut milk. And maybe a black tea rinse. My sister, Auset, tells about the benefits of using coconut milk for protein and strength. She also gives us a word of caution about using coconut milk treatments. The article can be found {HERE} and {HERE}

My main reason for using this coconut milk treatment will be for strength. My hair is growing, which is good. But, as the hair gets longer then, my ends get weaker because those are the oldest part of the hair. Since I do have length goals and am trying to retain length then I need to treat those older parts of my hair like a newborn baby.

I have learned that it is essential to observe and analyze your hair constantly. By doing this, you can take preventive measures to continue in your hair endeavors.
I just wanted to post this picture of my hair. This was last night after I finished twisting it. You can see the slight feathering that I am experiencing. This comes from weak ends and experiencing breakage on those ends. Strength is needed.

Hair Today: Large Cornrows in front and Large Twists in back

So, yesterday I decided to wash my hair and treat it to some tender, love, and care since that was my first free night of the week. So, I co-washed my hair with V05 Tea Therapy conditioner. I then oil rinsed my hair--leaving the oil in for 3 minutes. I then deep conditioned my hair with Suave Shea Almond conditioner for 30 minutes. I was then ready to style my hair. Whenever I style my hair wet, I like to use Suave Naturals in Coconut as my styler.

The style I did was simple but, for some reason took about an hour to finish. I put four large cornrows in the front and slanted them to the side. I then put large twists in the back.

My hair is thanking me for the moisture. Even though, I spritz my hair every other day with a water based mixture, oil my hair, and seal my ends my hair still needs that special treatment that can only be obtained through a good wash, oil rinse, and deep condition.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Natural Inspiration: Marsha Ambrosius

Her hair is da bomb! (Do people still use that term?)

But, I simply adore her hair. Her off center part is the business. I decided to also post a bonus pic of her back in the day when her natural was a little shorter but, fierce nonetheless.

Photos like these give me inspiration.

Fears for My Natural Hair

I have realized that there are some things that I am hesitant to try--or won't try--with my natural hair. These hesitations usually occur if I feel the process will cause breakage or damage to my natural hair. Below I have listed a few of my fears for my natural hair:

1. The ponytail. I used to be a person that would rock a ponytail in a hot minute (during my relaxed days). I then thought that when my natural hair got to the length to wear it in a ponytail that I would rock it a lot. However, I don't. I am so afraid of the ponytail. Simply because I feel that the ponytail would cause stress to my edges and breakage around the area where the band is. Maybe my fears are crazy but, I do feel it will be awhile before I can rock a ponytail comfortably.

2. Pressure. This is probably my BIGGEST fear for my natural hair. I had a major hair mishap over a year ago from having continuous pressure in one spot. I pretty much lost hair in the spot and had a bald patch. And even though that spot has grown back now, I never want to repeat that mistake. For this reason, you will hardly ever see me rock headbands or even wear bobby pins in the same spot. I love hairstyles that require no outside force to hold it--such as twists, cornrows, out styles, etc.

3. Applying gel to my edges and brushing them. I see other naturals do this but, I don't think I will ever start brushing my edges. I just don't think smooth edges is that big of deal to me so, I just don't go there. I want to maintain as much length on my edges as possible and don't want to damage it.

4. Sleeping with my hair out. I can't sleep with my hair out. I won't sleep with my hair out. Enough said.

5. Dry hair. Dry hair = Breakage. For this reason, I embrace moisture, moisture, and more moisture.

6. Straightening. I don't have plans to ever straighten my natural hair. I have heard too many heat damage stories and I just don't dig the straight look. (I am talking for myself and am not casting judgement on others.)

Those are my main fears for the moment. Do you have any fears for your natural hair or things that you refuse to do to your natural hair--even though they seem to work for others?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair Today: Took the Large Twists Out

So, this morning I took the large twists out of my head. I kept the side cornrows in. I pretty much did this because the twists weren't looking so hot and I wanted to let my hair out for about a day or two. So, this is how I am rocking my hair today. I'm enjoying having it out. Will be re-twisting soon...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Natural Hair Shed More?

While doing a fellow natural friend's hair yesterday we started talking about our hair. We discussed how much shed hair we experience when we just run our hair down some strands of hair, how much shed hair is experienced with wet vs. dry detangling, and just shed hair in general.

We both started saying that we don't ever remember having this much shed hair when we were relaxed. And I don't ever remember thinking about shed hair much when I was relaxed. But, now I am always comparing the amount of shed hair to my last detangling session just to ensure that everything is right. Yet, I have a theory on why it seems like natural hair sheds more. Here goes...

My Theory: I don't believe that natural hair sheds more. I just believe that the shed hairs stay in our heads instead of falling to the floor. My point is, natural hair is extremely curly and this does not allow for the shed hair to simply slip out. The hairs will instead stay on our head until we do some form of detangling. When I had relaxed hair, the shed hairs just slipped out because the the hair was straight. There was no holding force--that the curls provide--so the hair just came out on its own. Of course when I combed my hair I would have a few shed hairs. But, this small amount was mainly due most of the shed hair leaving on its own. and I do remember finding a lot of my relaxed shed hair when sweeping the floor. Therefore, it's not that natural hair sheds more, it's simply our hair holds on to those shed pieces. Also, it seems like there is more shed hair because the hair is in its natural state and curlier. And curlier hair always appear thicker or larger that straight hair.

Please note: It is good to always look at your shed hair after detangling sessions and compare it to amount of shed hair you last had. This helps you gauge if you are experience excessive hair loss.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hairstyle: Side Cornrows and Large Twists

So, I am officially over my "lazy hair" so, last night I took down my french braids and low pin-up and proceeded to do my hair. I had no idea what I was going to do but, I just went with the flow and came up with this style. I really like this style. And it didn't even take long.

The video tutorial can be found {HERE}.

Here's what I did:
1. I cornrowed the side front section of my hair and twisted the end of the cornrow.
2. I then proceeded to put in large twists in the remaining hair. I used no product.
3. I pinned to front section and back side section.
4. And voila you're done!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lazy Hair

So, this past week and a half I have been on leave from work. I enjoyed my time off and I am now back to blogging. Over my break, I didn't do anything major to my hair. I took my twists out, detangled, shampooed, co-washed, oil rinsed, deep conditioned, and styled. I know that sounds like a lot but, I do that to my hair anyway so, it wasn't anything major.

But, over my break I was being lazy with my hair. See, I'll be moving soon and I spent that time packing up everything in my apartment so, I just didn't feel like doing my hair at the end of the day. Therefore, I put my hair in french braids the majority of the time. And for church I kept the french braids in the front and did a pin-up in the back.

I must admit that even though I love to try new styles, I love lazy hairstyles. And french braids are definitely my go-to lazy hair. Its quick, a protective styles, and cute.

Do you have any lazy hairstyles that work?