Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Natural Hair Shed More?

While doing a fellow natural friend's hair yesterday we started talking about our hair. We discussed how much shed hair we experience when we just run our hair down some strands of hair, how much shed hair is experienced with wet vs. dry detangling, and just shed hair in general.

We both started saying that we don't ever remember having this much shed hair when we were relaxed. And I don't ever remember thinking about shed hair much when I was relaxed. But, now I am always comparing the amount of shed hair to my last detangling session just to ensure that everything is right. Yet, I have a theory on why it seems like natural hair sheds more. Here goes...

My Theory: I don't believe that natural hair sheds more. I just believe that the shed hairs stay in our heads instead of falling to the floor. My point is, natural hair is extremely curly and this does not allow for the shed hair to simply slip out. The hairs will instead stay on our head until we do some form of detangling. When I had relaxed hair, the shed hairs just slipped out because the the hair was straight. There was no holding force--that the curls provide--so the hair just came out on its own. Of course when I combed my hair I would have a few shed hairs. But, this small amount was mainly due most of the shed hair leaving on its own. and I do remember finding a lot of my relaxed shed hair when sweeping the floor. Therefore, it's not that natural hair sheds more, it's simply our hair holds on to those shed pieces. Also, it seems like there is more shed hair because the hair is in its natural state and curlier. And curlier hair always appear thicker or larger that straight hair.

Please note: It is good to always look at your shed hair after detangling sessions and compare it to amount of shed hair you last had. This helps you gauge if you are experience excessive hair loss.


  1. Great post! I think it's really funny how much more conscious we are now that we are natural, mostly because of the things we've learned on our journeys. Back when I was relaxed I couldn't care less about shed hair, detangling, washing in sections, or any of that. I'm glad I'm more knowledgeable now and my hair is benefiting from it!

  2. IKR!! I feel exactly the same way! When I was relaxed I saw a shed hair and kept on trucking. Now, I find myself examining my shed hairs, checking the lenghth of it, looking for the white bulb on the end... Its funny how things change. LOL

  3. I totally agree sis!! It's even especially the case with me since I don't use a comb...It just seems like the hair sheds a lot but it's because the shed hair stay stuck in's so funny how I was just thinking about this today! Glad to see you posting again sis, pray all is well.


  4. I agree! But I also think it has a little to do with not combing your hair as much. When I was relaxed I comb my hair on a regular basis, pretty much everything I styled it unless I had a roller set, not just on wash day. So we would probably lose more hair throughout the week, little by little, as opposed to now, only in one lump sum on wash day.

  5. Anonymous, that is the truth! I never thought about it like that b/c I too combed my hair for every style when relaxed. And I would only see a few strands in the comb because I was doing it ona more regular basis. And now I only comb my hair during detangling sessions. Thanks for the insight!

  6. Omg! Thanks for this post, I am newly natural about 5 months hair is naturally dry and the texture is about a 4C or whichever is the coiliest of them all! Lol so i have to maintain it alot more often. I was starting to freak out!!!! I thought my hair was falling out. Its a relief to know why my hair sheds more now that I'm natural. I wash more, condition, moisturize and detangle on a weekly basis and I was wondering why their was still so much shed even when I run my fingers through my coils. Now I know its because the excess shed hair is just stuck in there until we comb or wash it out. Makes sense!! Thanks..I look forward to continuing my journey as a learn new things about my natural hair and growth.