Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair Today: Large Cornrows in front and Large Twists in back

So, yesterday I decided to wash my hair and treat it to some tender, love, and care since that was my first free night of the week. So, I co-washed my hair with V05 Tea Therapy conditioner. I then oil rinsed my hair--leaving the oil in for 3 minutes. I then deep conditioned my hair with Suave Shea Almond conditioner for 30 minutes. I was then ready to style my hair. Whenever I style my hair wet, I like to use Suave Naturals in Coconut as my styler.

The style I did was simple but, for some reason took about an hour to finish. I put four large cornrows in the front and slanted them to the side. I then put large twists in the back.

My hair is thanking me for the moisture. Even though, I spritz my hair every other day with a water based mixture, oil my hair, and seal my ends my hair still needs that special treatment that can only be obtained through a good wash, oil rinse, and deep condition.