Thursday, September 30, 2010

The HIstory of Our Hair: Black Woman late 1800s

So, while browsing the Web I came across this picture of a Black woman from the late 1800s. It is interesting to see how the women from the past wore their natural tresses.

I noticed that this unknown woman wore her hair in some sort of popadour updo and accesorized the look with a fancy hat. She looks simply elegant. I am not sure about the history of this photo or the woman in the photo. However, she does look affluent.


  1. I agree. Her hair looks sort of beautiful. I honestly wondered what she used on it. I'm sure there weren't any harmful chemicals to be applied to her hair then, so it must be natural oils and things..but yeah, the style of it seems like something i'd see a natural girl today rocking.

  2. Yeah, the relaxers weren't out around this time. I don't believe the straightening combs were either. So, I am curious about what she used.

  3. i wonder what products she used to smoothen and moisturize it. her hair was stretched somehow...maybe curled with something like paperbag strips or cotton strips?