Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Hair Plans

So, this weekend I know that I want to try something new with my hair. I have had the kinda French braids for 2 weeks now--first with the pompadour and then without. It usually takes about 2 weeks for me to get so tired of a hairstyle. The only style I can wear over a longer period of time is the twist-outs.

Here are a couple of things I plan on doing with my hair:
1. Co-wash with Suave Coconut Naturals
2. Deep condition
3. I want to do a twist updo but, this time I want to leave some of the twists out for a side bang.
4. Or I want to try a braid updo. I saw a gorgeous one on Naturally Obsessed that really inspired me.
5. Or I want to try cornrowing most of my hair around most of the perimeter of my head and doing a twist-out side bang. (I saw this hairstyle on a girl and I thought it was cute.)
6. I also plan on detangling my hair after deep conditioning it. This time instead of clipping the detangle hair out of the way I am going to twist the detangled sections temporarily.
7. Also, I have been contemplating changing my hair day to Saturday instead of Sunday. This way, my hair will be fresh for church and I get to see how it turned out before the work week starts.

I am really excited about trying some new things with my hair. I hope that they turn out pleasing. I'll update you on how it goes:-)

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