Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, the random things people say...

"I just love your hair! Who does it?," asked my co-worker.

"Oh, I do my hair. I do all of my styles," I responded.

"Well, you have that type of hair. Under these braids my hair is just too much!"

I chuckle politely.

"They don't even want to braid my hair when they see it," she goes on.

"So, you have really thick hair. That's good."

"No, its not thick. It's something else. Its just big and crazy and tangled and ugh."

Sounds like the typical characteristics of thick hair, I think.

"See, you have trained your hair," she says.


"Yeah, your hair is trained. You got it to be like that. My hair refuses to train."

I chuckle politely. "Well, alright. Talk to you later."