Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hairstyle: Twist Out Front with French Braid Back

So, this weekend I did try a new hairstyle for my hair. Again, the hairstyle that I had in mind did not come to vision. But, I improvised yet again. Through my trusty bobby pins. This is a hairstyle that is 90% protective. There is a small portion of hair left out so this accounts for the 10%. It is getting cold in these parts so, I am trying to protect my hair from the winds.

Here's what I did:
1. Co-washed my hair with Suave Coconut Naturals
2. Deep conditioned with Suave Coconut Naturals
3. I ended up leaving this conditioner in b/c I got on the phone with my sis and the conditioner was thoroughly soaked into my hair by the time I got off the phone. So, I thought why not leave it in??
4. I parted the back section of my hair and french braided it.
5. I applied HE Totally Twisted to the front potion of my hair and proceeded to twist it.
6. The next morning I unraveled the twists.
7. I then pinned up the sides of the twist-out and left a small portion for a bang.
8. And you're done!

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