Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is the natural community sadity???

Ok, I'm tripping. I just posted this by mistake on my fashion blog. I need to get it together.

So, I was on the wonderful CurlyNikki yesterday and she had a post that talked about "Natural Hair Snobbery". In this post was a letter from a reader of CurlyNikki who has a texlax (That's what she called it. I'm assuming its a texturizer). She felt that in the natural community we simply embrace naturals and act snobbish toward those who are not natural.

Here are a few points of her letter:
1. Stop saying your natural is your 'God given anything' because you still conform yourself in other ways (i.e. makeup, nail polish, deodorant)
2. She doesn't agree with the term natural and uses it in quotations because we are not 100% natural.
3. She has been natural several times before.
4. She feels the site condemns women who are not natural.

I could go on and on about some of her other points but, check out the article HERE.

Ok, when I read this yesterday I was about to be off work so, I did not have time to comment on CurlyNikki. Then, I realized my comment may become an essay so, I decided to post my thoughts on my blog.

First off, CurlyNikki is a wonderful site (which the reader did state). This is the first site I found when I decided to go natural and it has supported many current naturals on their journey with vast knowledge, experiences from other naturals, and so much more. I am an avid reader of Curly Nikki and I have never felt that the site condemned or put down women who are not natural. She also felt the site supported only curly textured women. However, the site is called CurlyNikki and it is a natural hair site. If she would like support for relaxed hair there are sites that cater to this. She should check out Hairlicious. (I used to be a reader of this site and its pretty good.) Or she could provide a site for support for relaxed/texlaxed hair.

Secondly, I am one of those naturals who give thanks to God for being natural. It takes a lot to look at yourself and accept the glory/beauty/uniqueness that God blessed each of us with. I choose not to conform the hair that He has given me and I am grateful that I came to this understanding. I do not only embrace curly hair. I embrace natural hair for all races. Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, kinky hair. Its all beautiful to me because the Lord blessed each of us with a uniqueness. Yes, I do wear makeup, nail polish, and even deodorant (lol). However, I consider these things part of my upkeep. Makeup/nail polish are not permanent. I can easily take this off. Also, I don't wear it everyday. I am just as confident to walk out the house without these things. As for deodorant, that is part of maintaining our cleanliness. That's like saying why do you wear lotion, use soap, oil your skin/hair, etc? Therefore, I do agree with the term natural. It is a simple explanation for our hair.

As for her being natural several times before. Good for her. Maybe one day she will grow to appreciate it.


Am I sadity? Is the natural community sadity??

Maybe some would consider my thought pattern on natural hair sadity. Simply because I prefer natural hair over conformed hair. However, I can just as easily say they are being sadity/snobbish because they prefer relaxed/conformed hair over natural hair. Also, I don't think the natural community is snobbish. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing that we are finally beginning to accept our natural beauty and glory. I don't equate confidence with snobbery.

That concludes my thoughts on that topic. For now...

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