Monday, October 25, 2010

Tried Something New: Honey Deep Conditioner

So, last week I told yall that I purchased some honey. My sister, Auset, did a couple of posts on the benefits of honey so, I really wanted to try it on my hair. I did not know exactly how I was going to use the honey when I bought it but, I knew that I was going to use it in some method. Therefore, I went back to my sister's blog and then started checking out her posts on honey. I was delighted to find that she did a post that linked me to CurlyNikki's site. On CurlyNikki she provided a recipe for a honey deep conditioner. It sounded pretty simple to make so, I implemented it. All the recipe calls for is EVOO, honey, and optional conditioner.

Check out the recipe HERE.

Changes I made:
Now the recipe only called for 1 tablespoon for each ingredient. But, I increased the amount to 1/8 of a cup. I just don't think a tablespoon is enough for my thick mane. Also, the recipe said that you may add your fave conditioner (optional). So, I added my HE Hello Hydration. Another change I made was I did not put a hot towel over my hair once it was applied. I added a plastic shower cap and then wrapped my towel over the cap. I kept the mixture in for about 35 minutes. It was suggested to leave in for about 30 minutes but, I started chopping some vegetables and the time flew away.

My experience:
1. First off, I put the mixture in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Maybe this was too long because that oil was so HOT! I tested it with my finger (which I suggest you do, if you plan on trying this) and it felt like it was going to burn my finger off. So, I kept checking back periodically and it stayed hot. So, not to waste time, I just added a little bit more conditioner to the mixture so, that it may cool it off some. This worked.
2. I applied the mixture section by section in my hair. Then, I distributed the remaining amount over my entire head.
3. After I took off the plastic cap my hair looked shinier and supple. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. Next time I will).
4. Also, after I mixed the EVOO and honey I had to take a taste. I mean I love EVOO and honey so, I was curious:-) It was good. I suggest you not taste it after the conditioner is added.
5. The smell of this mixture was simply divine. I mean, honey and coconut is a great combination. The sweet smell was in the air and my hair.
6. I will definitely be using this deep conditioner again.


  1. Glad to hear things went well. I am trying my honey deep treatment this weekend. I will be adding about a tablespoon each of honey and coconut oil to my conditioner (about a palmful) and can hardly wait to see how things go.

  2. This is my fave conditioner. I always use it for my post-henna treatment.

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  4. It is pretty nice, mangomadness:)