Friday, October 1, 2010

A Staple Item: Satin Bonnet

Oh, the importance of a satin bonnet (or satin scarf)!! I am sure you have heard on many natural blogs or from naturals around you (and even relaxed girls) the importance of their satin bonnet. I wear my satin bonnet every night and even when I am taking a brief nap. I can not imagine my hair rubbing against harsh cotton. I know some naturals choose to sleep on a satin pillow but, I love the cool feel of cotton.

Can you believe that last night I forgot to sleep with my satin bonnet?!?! It just totally slipped my mind. This morning I was so annoyed with myself I kept touching my braids to see if any frizz occured. I did have some. So, I smoothed it down and then bobby pinned those pieces in place that were out. I could have avoided all of this if I would've slept with my bonnet.

So, why is a satin bonnet so important? Simply put, our hair can not take constant rubbing or movement against other fabrics (i.e. cotton, wool, acrylic). This can cause friction which can lead to breakage. And that is something we all wish to avoid. This simple bonnet is a life saver.

The bonnets are not hard to find. They sale them at most pharmacies, department store, and beauty supply stores. And the cost is not ridiculous at all. Also, the boneets come with a wide range of options. You can get a bonnet with a tie string, with ruffly elastic edging, or a smooth stretch edging. The smoothy stretch edging is my favorite, however; I do own the ruffly elastic edging also.

Recently, I started to wear a satin bonnet under my slouchy hats. I make my hats with an acrylic yarn and I have always been nervouse that the acrylic would rub against my hair. So now, I simply put the bonnet on and put my hat over the bonnet. So simple.

Where would I be without my satin bonnet???


  1. Haha I have one on my head right now! Mainly because i'm in college and have a roommate just down the hall..dont want her to see how this hair is lookin right now! Ahh, I never tried satin pillows. So they're uncomfortable?

  2. Colette, I don't think the satin pillows are uncomfortable. I know CurlyNikki uses a satin pillow. Its just me personally that don't like the feel of satin against my face. But, a lot of people like the satin pillows and they like the perk of going to bed without this bonnet over their head. Maintaining their cuteness, which I can understand. LOL