Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Hair Plans

Okey doke. It's that time again. What do I plan on doing with my hair this weekend???

Here goes:
1. On Sunday, I plan on taking out the twists that are currently in my head. Sunday will be 2 weeks that they were in.
2. I plan on shampooing, conditioning, detangling, etc.
3. I also plan on applying a honey mixture for my deep condition.
4. Next, I plan on putting a new set of twists into my hair.
5. I will then set the ends of the twists on sponge rollers.
6. That Monday morning, I will rock a fresh curly twist updo.

Sounds simple enough.


  1. How do you keep your twists in for more than a week? How do you tie it up at night? Do you wear it with the twists in for a week and then untwist for a twist out? How do you keep it from the frizz? By the way, your hair is very pretty.

  2. Nicole, I pretty much kept the twists in the curly pinned up style the entire 2 weeks. I would oil my hair and seal my ends sporadically with the style. Also, since I set the twists on sponge rollers the curls stayed in for about a week. And the second week I set them on the rollers again. I took the twists out this past Saturday and I detangled it with my fingers. This achieved a kind of curly afro look. It didn't look like my twist outs. But, it was a great way to achieve an unpicked afro.

    Each night, I slept with a satin bonnet. But, I must admit the last 2 days of that twist set was kind of frizzy. But, it wasn't that noticeable when it was pinned up. And thank you for the compliment!