Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wish List: Forever 21 Items

When I start to experiment with more updos, I want to start adding accesories to give the look a little more "umph". I was on Forever 21's site--which is a great site--and saw so many cute headbands. Seriously, they have such a wide range.

I saw this headband that I wanted and it is priced at $3.80. I am trying to get away from black flowered accesories because they blend into my hair too much. So, it just makes my hairstyle look a little off. So, I saw these cute sequined headbands. One is in purple, which is a color I love to wear. And the other is in gray, which is a great alternative to black. I like these types of headbands because they do not add pressure to the hair or pull at the hair.

Then, I saw this ADORABLE hat that I just have to have for the winter months. This hat has a such a vintage feel. It looks as if it came straight from the '20s. I can just imagine popping this on my head on top of my twist updos. It is priced at $14.80, which is not too bad. And it is 100% wool. However, I am a thrifty girl so, I will be on the lookout for hats similar to this when I go thrifting.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Forever 21 and this is not an advertisement. This is simply a personal wish list of mine.

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