Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Staple Item: Bobby Pins

I usually do posts about my staple products but, what about my staple items? First up is the bobby pin.

I use bobby pins for every single one of my updos. And I also use them to pull hair away from my face or to the side. I'm sure many naturals can attest to the fact that bobby pins help to achieve a number of hairstyles.

My usage of bobby pins will increase in the coming months. Because the weather will soon get colder, I will be utilizing styles that tuck the ends of my hair in. To tuck those ends under, I will need the help of the bobby pin.

The thing I also love about the bobby pin is how inexpensive it is. You can find bobby pins for such a low price. Also, bobby pins are wide in availability. You never have to go to a certain store to find them. They are in department stores, pharmacies, discount stores, grocery stores, etc.

However, despite its availabilty you must be careful when choosing bobby pins. All bobby pins are NOT the same. For instance, I bought this tub of bobby pins from the local Beauty Supply store. Initially, I was happy because there were 500 bobby pins in the tub. And how much I use bobby pins (and lose them) I thought these were perfect. Yet, I only paid $1.99 for them and they were not the best. The little gummy end was not seamless and because of that it would pull strands of my hair out. The best brands of bobby pins that I like are Scunci and Conair. Those brands are usually found at department stores and pharmacies.

Therefore, the bobby pin is definitely a staple item. I can't even imagine not using the bobby pin. Those little things help to achieve so much!

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