Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is a Comb Really Needed??

Since I have been natural, I have decreased my usage of combs significantly. Simply put, they are not good for the hair--especially, if you are seeking to obtain length. However, the main combs I stayed away from were fine-toothed combs. I used to use wide-tooth combs when I would detangle. Recently, however, I realized that I almost never pick up a comb of any kind.

Here's an example of why a comb isn't needed in my current regimen:
1. I wash my hair and detangle with my fingers while its wet.
2. I will then put twists in my hair without using a comb. I only use the comb's rat-tail end to make my one part on the side since this part is going to be shown.
3. I keep my twist-outs in for about 3-4 days. I don't retwist my hair during this time. I just gently tug at my hair after taking my satin bonnet off to reshape my twist-outs.
4. I then repeat this process.

So maybe a comb may not be needed for my current regimen. This does not mean that I plan on throwing out my wide-tooth combs or picks. I mean, some months down the line I may put in some cornrows or other styles that require precise parting. Now as for actually running a comb through my tresses, I don't see that happening ever.

My main comb has been my fingers. :-)


  1. I use my large tooth comb for detangling after I wash and condition to comb it all through. Like you, I do twist outs that last for about 4-5 days, and them I re-twist again. I love it so much. It is the perfect style for me and I can not wait till it grows longer!

  2. I think that the wide-tooth comb is the most used comb for most of us naturals. I must agree that the twist-outs are very convenient! Your hair is going to be longer before you know it b/c with the twist-outs I noticed that it is lower manipulation, which is great for the hair.

  3. I use a my finger, a shower comb and a modified 'Denman' to detangle in that order. It words wonders because the 'Denman' catches the shed hairs.