Thursday, July 29, 2010

Natural Celebrity Stylist: Felicia Leatherwood

She is so beautiful! And I have the exact same necklace--with earrings to match.
This style is simply gorgeous! It reminds me of my pinned up twist outs.

So, this morning while on Facebook I saw the MOST GORGEOUS hairstyle on the model Tomiko Fraser. In the past I featured Tomiko as a natural inspiration because her hair is simple beautiful. So, then I checked out the Fan Page for this stylist and I loved it! Her name is Felicia Leatherwood. She is so creative with the hairstyles. She has done styles for Jill Scott, Tomiko Fraser, Anthony Anderson, and much more.

The styles above are hairstyle she has done that are simply beautiful. Even though I don't wear extensions she does add them for some of her styles. Nonetheless, these styles are creative and beautiful.

She is also featured on BlackGirlLongHair today. Click HERE to view this article.

Check out her facebook page and become a fan so you may see more of her work. The page is under the name "Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshops".

And here is the website for Ms. Felicia Leatherwood:

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