Friday, July 16, 2010

Part II: My Hair Regimen

I am sure you have noticed from previous posts that my hair regimen has changed since my hair loss. I took some of the advice from the Youtuber, lovennappiness. However, I don't think I will continue doing some of the things she suggested. For instance, she suggested co-washing the hair twice a week. I tried this for two weeks. I don't like doing this. I felt that I was manipulating my hair too much by continuing to detangle it. Also, this was time-consuming.

So, these are the changes to my hair regimen:
1. I no longer braid my hair every night. I twist my hair only twice a week. When the hair is not twisted I simply put my satin bonnet over my loose hair. (Also, my hair is getting bigger than my satin bonnet. Soon, I will need to find some other form of a hair covering. This is still a good thing:-)).
2. After co-washing or shampooing my hair I put in twists on the damp hair instead of the braids.
3. I don't only oil the hair at night. I sometimes oil it in the morning. My main oil is EVOO, but I also use Coconut oil and Grapeseed oil.
4. I now use Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment on my scalp. I apply it daily to the small patch of missing hair. I apply it once a week to the rest of my hair. (Review coming later on this product.)
5. Lastly, my main and only style is the twist out. I am afraid of manipulating my hair too much or putting in too many accesories. I want to obtain stronger hair before I use anything that may pull/put pressure on my hair. **This should not apply to everyone. I just feel that my hair is not strong enough to withstand too much manipulation**

Please note: The changes in my regimen are mainly due to the hair loss that I experienced. I felt that I was doing something wrong so I am taking steps to avoid this mistake again.


  1. I only do twist outs as well. I twist in on wet hair Saturday night and then if it need to I do flat twists Thursday night. The reason for this is because I want my hair to look nice for church on Sunday morning, and by Thursday my hair is a little frizzy and worn. Good post. Your hair is so like mine. I love it!

  2. Thank you, Nicole:-) I do try to do my twists twice a week because they tend to get frizzy after about 3 days.