Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Hair Goals

It seems that when it comes to most naturals, we tend to set goals for our hair. For instance, some naturals seek more moisture. Others may seek to have a constant edgy and different do. And the most popular goal that naturals seek is obtaining length. I must admit that I have some goals for my hair also. And I plan to achieve them all.

1. I want to have "goddess" status hair. (I learned this term from BlackGirlLongHair). What it essentially means is that I want to have hair that is SO thick. Like SUPER thick. Like HUMONGOUS hair. The steps I'm taking to achieve this is avoiding anything that may thin or break my hair. I avoid heat, blow drying, fine-tooth combs, combing my hair excessively, sulfate shampoos, etc.

2. I want to have strong hair. When it comes to type 4 hair--despite what most people may think--it is the weakest hair. Because the hair is so curly/coily it tends to wrap around other strands and form knots. These knots can then begin to break. Also, I want to obtain a stronger structure for my to decrease the amount of shedding. The steps I'm taking to keep my hair strong is to detangle knots gently, taking Biotin tablets to help with the structure of my hair, and sealing my ends. Ever since my hair thinned in that spot, I have an interest in obtaining strong hair. I may implement some new methods in the future...

3. I want to increase the length of my hair. I know, I know... This is a common goal for many naturals; yet, it is still a goal of mine. I don't have a strict goal, such as "I need bra strap length within a year." But, I do want to see an improvement in my hair. I don't want my hair to reach a certain point and then just stop. In five years, I am curious to see where the length of my hair will be. And this may not be a forever goal. Meaning, I can see myself in the coming years getting a haircut or layers. My inspiration in terms of length would have to be the blogger of http://naturallyobsessed.onsugar.com. Check out her blog HERE. I feel the my current routine and regimen will help me to achieve length.

4. I want to color my hair. Now this is the hardest of my goals to achieve. And I think it is hard because I want to have hair color, but I want to obtain it naturally. NO chemicals. The only natural method to color hair seems to be Henna. However, I hate the possible mess that may occur with henna. So, I still have no idea how I am going to achieve this goal.

For now these are my main hair goals. Do you have any hair goals??

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